By: Lauren Reinhard

As we watched in class this past week, there have been many times in our Worlds history that there have been spilling of chemicals and gases. These spillages can affect the environment, animals, and worst of all human beings. The video we watched in class was about the gas leak that was in Bhopal, India. This gas leak happened all the way back in 1984 and is still affecting its people today. The gas leak was caused by Union Carbide, which is a plant that leaked many gases and other chemicals into the environment and into the homes of many innocent people. Not only did this mistake from the company cause an impact the night of the incident but also it has had an affect on the people Bhopal for years and years after. The saddest part is there have been barely to any repercussions to help improve these conditions for the people. The only person to blame in this situation is the company. They should have taken precautionary steps to prevent things like this from happening. But these kind of situations have not only happened a long time ago.

I’m sure most people remember the oil spill from BP. This spill affected mostly the animals that were in the ocean, but not only did it affect the animals but also the beaches and environment. What was hard about this was how much it affects the economy. Not only did pollution on the beaches from the spill affect tourism and businesses around there, but also it affected business people that would fish. Both of these combined created a huge economic fall for people off the gulf shore. Many people refused to buy  BP gas because of how much they polluted the gulf. There have been so many situations like this where companies have put making revenue over pollution. This has caused so many impacts to our environment and sadly the people that are forced to live in it. There are many steps that these companies should have taken to prevent things like this happening but sadly they are rarely taken, and it is shown through the environment.





3 thoughts on “Spillage

  1. It just goes to show that corporations have more rights than living breathing humans and they can get away with things a normal person would be sentenced to life for. If this doesn’t shout CORRUPTED SYSTEM I don’t know what would. We need to stop being so ignorant to these kind of issues and take a stand for ourselves and our well being. A change needs to occur within the system or will continue to get pushed around with no consequences against the perpetrator.

    Jaiden Deal


  2. It’s really sad how little it seems that these big companies care about the environment. Most of the time when these big disasters happen, the large corporations seem to get out of a lot of the charges and fines they face. When large disasters occur like these, they have huge environmental and economic impacts that not everyone sees if they are not directly involved in the disaster. Hopefully, these disasters will help prevent future disasters happening in the future and keep everyone and everything safer.

    Jacob Fischer


  3. No blue, no green! We need to do a better job protecting our oceans. They are literally dying and most people have no idea. Thank you for writing this article. I just got done reading a book about an oil spill that happened in Alaska that nearly put an entire species of orcas into extinction. This happened in the 80s and the population still hasn’t recovered and hope is dwindling.

    Victoria Obermeyer


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