Three offenders of Greenwashing

1. General Electric:

The company had declared in 2005 they would launch there “ecomagination” advertisement plan. So what these adds do is express their effort towards a cleaner, more efficient source of energy. They also promote reducing emissions and more abundant water sources. So GE would make these claims in their adds trying to seem more Eco-freindly. GE was and still may be one of the worlds largest polluters. We haven’t seen any real change to the way they produce energy thus the organization is greenwashing by making these claims in there adds.

2. Coke

Coca-Cola has tried to cover up there shameful and non eco friendly actions by being a sponsor for the Climate Change Conference. The fact they would even be allowed to sponsor something like that is kinda shocking to me. Not only do they bottle their products in one of the most non eco-friendly packaging’s they are guilty of other non eco- friendly actions. They were accused of stealing water from farmlands in a drought in India and Latin America…… They did this when they were opening bottle plants and would such the water from the small surrounding communities for there building.

3. Monsanto

I’m honestly baffled that this is even still a company. They are just so evil in so many ways. One more way they are evil is their greenwashing. Monsanto pushes their GMO of soy claiming it is responsible choice for protecting the environment. Soy is not in any way a good choice to protect the environment. In reality the production of Soy has caused the destruction of millions of acres in rain forests around the world.NOT ECO-FRIENDLY!!!!

-Claire Greve


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