Green Works cleaning products…are they actually green?

So here we have a line of products called Green Works. Go to the website and the homepage has a sunflower flexing and other forms of colorful and eco-centric images. All the products are bright and cheery colors with a flower on each one. Look at a few of the products like compostable cleaning wipes or chlorine-free bleach. Without looking deeper you can already see that the environment is to be your main focus.

Green Works products are another line of products from the Clorox company. They are essentially the same products that Clorox already makes, but more “natural”. Some are even less harsh than their current ones because some consumers didn’t like the smell that was created after using the product (which is more subjective than objective in a sense).

So first let’s look at the environmental track record of the Clorox Company. The company itself recognizes that it does have issues with past performance in regards to the environment. They started in 2008 to look at way to reduce their impact with one such effort being Green Works. Other efforts include using recycled materials for packaging.

Green Works itself is considered green. It is backed by the EPA getting the award/recognition as being a Design for the Environment and supported by green groups such as the Sierra Club. 99% of the products are natural or a derivative that is not harmful to nature (the 1% is a preservative and green dye that they are working on fixing). The only issue that came from Green Works was a claim that the product was not as effective as their normal counterparts. This was proven for some and the formulas were re-worked.

So instead of another bashing, I present a product that seems like it is lying by presenting a product with colorful, natural images but has the natural ingredients to back it up. This is maybe an uncommon example where the product that appears to be green actually is.

  • Josh Obermeyer


EPA Design for the Environment (PDF)

Green Works website

Clorox Company Website

Another View on Green Works

6 thoughts on “Green Works cleaning products…are they actually green?

  1. I really liked your post. It was extremely informative. I am glad to see there is a product that is trying to live by it’s standards. I did a post on the fact that most of these products even self stamp themselves as eco-friendly and get away with it. I have seen this product a lot and should really give a try in support of its true eco-friendly claims. Nice to see a product that’s true so thanks for the post.


  2. This is an interesting take on this weeks assignment! What I am curious about it the long term benefits of having a truly green product. Does this product cost more than it’s worth, particularly compared with the other Clorox products, or it is worth the money for both the producer and the consumer?

    Halle Van De Hey


  3. You totally spun this blog around! I really enjoyed reading about how green works is actually a green product, so it actually is not completely at fault in the greenwashing realm. This product can promote itself with photos of green scenery and also prove to be effective in its claims.

    Mikayla Hounchell


  4. I’m really glad someone took this assignment and put a positive spin on it! Also cool that we have the same last name!

    Since taking this class, I’ve been trying be more conscious about the products I’m using and not just buying something on impulse because it seems green. This is actually a brand I just started using after looking into it and it does work really well!


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