Lush. Have you noticed the new enticing shop that “specializes” in natural products that are said to be great for your skin? Have you checked out the new products? They have so much variety from the face mask, to the bath bark, or even the bath bombs, that fizz up in the bath tub, smell very amazing and even change your bathtub water into funky colors. It’s like living in the most perfect world; I can go in and purchase items that are natural, green, and ethical! They hit the ballpark with this new shop. NOT!

You are being completely “green-washed”. Greenwashing: “disinformation disseminated by an organization so as to present an environmentally responsible public image.” So what exactly is lush failing at? First thing first is that Lush uses “fragrance” as an ingredient. Fragrance is not and has never been considered as an ingredient, it’s basically keeping Lush’s business secrets from every other competitive companies, with the withholding ingredients from fragrances, they also are using

“Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Sulfates are known skin irritants and possible hormone disruptors. While they’re considered by EWG to be relatively safe, sulfates aren’t exactly sustainable. Sulfates are derived from petrolatum which is a non-renewable resource.


Several of LUSH’s products include methyl-paraben and propyl-paraben. Environmental Working Group has listed parabens as some of the most toxic substances found in cosmetics and something to be avoided. Parabens are estrogen disruptors and have been largely linked to breast cancer.

Propylene Glycol

This ingredient, which is listed as a moderate hazard, is a known skin irritant and allergen, with moderate concerns for organ toxicity.

Cocamide DEA

This nasty ingredient, which is found in most of LUSH’s shampoo products, is listed as a 7 out of 10 on EWG’s toxicity scale. It has suspected carcinogenic properties, is a skin irritant, and is also said to be toxic for the organ system. LUSH likes to play the “it came from a coconut so therefore it’s safe” card. The substance is created by reacting a mixture of fatty acids from coconut oils with DEA (or diethanolamine), and this chemical process spells a lot of trouble. Just because a coconut played a part in the making of this substance does not make it safe.”- Dunst


Completely green-wash, you have to be more aware of the flashy signs that claim to be environmental friendly, all-natural, etc. Because it reality it’s just an advertisement that continues to lure people to buying things. So Lush!

Shayla Ford







4 thoughts on “Lush…

  1. I have totally fallen into the Lush trap. The bath bombs are such a trend and they are also incredibly cool. But the way that Lush advertises their product is completely false and not accurate. bringing to light their faults here is important because their consumers, like myself, are in a state of just believing that :all natural” means all natural when in reality it does not.

    Mikayla Hounchell


  2. I also have fallen into the Lush trap by buying the “all natural” face wash. It’s true that its hard to pass up something so fun and trendy. If it was required to put all the ingredients on the product, a lot of businesses, such as Lush, would go out of business.

    -Tarah Klenk


  3. Im so disappointed to lean this. I have been fooled. They come off so convincing in their branding. The simplicity of the black and the font on the labels looking almost hand written had be thinking it was to be more natural.
    -claire greve


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