“Nature” Valley

Erica Bock

Many are familiar with the Nature Valley granola bars. I think this product is a perfect example of greenwashing. After all, the package itself is usually green! But another obvious pointer that this company is trying hard to greenwash their product is by using the word, “nature” in their product’s title. This applies to The 7 Sins of Greenwashing’s example, “Worshipping False Labels”. Are our minds just simply trained to think that a color or the word nature means that a product is environmentally friendly?

If we take a deeper look into the making of Nature Valley Bars, some information may surprise you. Nutrition Facts for their most basic granola bar reveal that the second most abundant ingredient is sugar. That doesn’t seem very “natural” to me when it comes to making an “oats and honey granola bar”.

Secondly, Nature Valley also sells many of what they title their “Fruit and Nut Bars”. This titling would make one assume that the main ingredients (if not the only ones) would be fruit and nuts. However, that is far from the truth.The nutrition facts for these products reveal that corn syrup is added in more abundance than fruit! Shouldn’t this bar be titled: “Oats and Corn Syrup Bar”?

This product misleads many to believe that their products are “natural” or “healthy”. However, when we take a closer look at what is actually being consumed, it is obvious that that is far from the truth.


Link to Nature Valley’s Website: 



3 thoughts on ““Nature” Valley

  1. Erica, I think this post is very relevant to a lot of “organic” or “natural” products! Several things in the health foods section of Kroger really aren’t as natural as they are cracked up to be. The labels always seem to be the highest in sugar instead of natural sweeteners. I wonder what they would taste like if they contained all natural ingredients! Good post.
    -Traci Alig


  2. I eat nature valley bars all the time thinking they were good for me but now I know not. I am so shocked that the biggest product is sugar. I am glad I now know to check the labels on anything that claims or perceives itself to be healthy.
    Lauren Reinhard


  3. Nature valley bars are so GOOD! this just adds to the truth that nothing that is tasty is good for you. But it is a shame that companies can get away with this. Calling it and oats and honey bar, but oats and honey aren’t even the first ingredient. That seems pretty ridiculous.

    Tom walters


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