Organic, really Organic?

For the last five to ten years in our country eating organic is the new thing. People really want to know where their food is coming from, for them this means going to farmers markets, meeting the farmers face to face. Unfortunately consumers are being taken advantage of, there are things that are being down to prevent this. The USDA requires that all farmers have to pass a report to hold these certifications. This could be something like testing soil samples, and if they aren’t using pesticides. Time Cheng is an organic certifier in the US that travels around to these small local farms to assess them. there are 24,000 certified organic farmers in the US alone. With this being said it is important for them to stay on top of these farmers are doing everything correctly. Along with Cheng along with many others make “surprise” visit to these farms along with their normal inspection, which is a good thing. They’ve found that some farmers “cheat” which not acceptable according their certification. As we all know our found isn’t not only grown in the US, we import food from other countries, like China. The unfortunate thing about importing “organic” food from other countries is that they fallow their own standards of organic in that specific country. In the article it talks about how these farms are awful, and do not hold up  to our standards of organic. As a consumers this is upsetting to me, if these countries are not fallowing our standards and this is the food we are buying from. If they aren’t going to play buy our roles then we should buy their food. This could also help our local farms grow. When the food industry takes advantage of millions of people, by marking something as organic when its not, and then charge and arm and a leg, something needs to be done. This is why i buy from local farmers in my area, because I don’t want to be taken advantage of by these good industries.


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6 thoughts on “Organic, really Organic?

  1. I struggle with wondering if it is even worth it to buy the far more expensive organic produce found in grocery stores then the food that is known to spray pesticides on its food. Obviously the organic food seems better for you, but running on a tight college student budget its hard to choose organic and then even harder when one reads articles like the one you have transcribed here saying the food labeled as organic may in fact be cheating the system.

    ~Asha Brogan


  2. I appreciate how you brought to light that the word, “organic” is becoming a commodity in today’s American culture. While it is important to eat healthy, organic foods, I find it sad that so many farmers and businesses are getting away with labeling their products dishonestly. I think this issue definitely needs to be assessed.

    Erica Bock


  3. This is another great example of how the food industry is getting away with ANYTHING now! As a consumer it is difficult to purchase any organic products anymore because I am not quite sure what is real and what is fake.


  4. It’s true that many things that are considered organic, but it’s sad to see that not all of the products deemed to be organic aren’t as natural as businesses make them out to be. It makes me question whether or not we should be buying organic at all, because sometimes the legitimacy is very questionable.

    Andrew Ebding


  5. Colleen, this is unbelievable to think about. When I think of organic, I think of something that is 100% natural. I did not realize that different places have different meanings of what they think organic is. That doesn’t make sense to me. Organic is only natural up until a certain extend then it is no longer natural. I think buying from local farmers is a great idea to help them grow. There’s no reason something should be so expensive if it’s not as organic as we may think, that defeats the purpose of buying it and spending the extra money! Good post.
    -Traci Alig


  6. This was so imformative. I didn’t even think or know about this. I like how you gave a solution too. I think that buying from local farmers is one of the best ideas.
    Lauren Reinhard


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