“Smart” Water

By: Lauren Reinhard

I’m sure many of you have had a friend that has had a smart water bottle or you have even had it yourself. I always have wondered why it is called smart water and how it is different from any other water. Once we talked about greenwashing in class I began to realize that this product is probably the same as regular water but just perceived to be healthier or have some benefit. After researching the products of smart water it is simple just tap water. The water is purified until there is no more minerals in it and then they add potassium, magnesium chloride, and electrolytes. They put this into a bottle and put a label on it and charge high prices for one bottle. Another problem that many have with the product is it barely has any electrolytes in it, so you would be better off getting tap water from your sink for free. Many also claimed that it might help you lose weight but when it was put on the market there was a negative product that it was no different from any other  water.

Someone did a study to test all waters with each other. Unknown waters were given to people to compare tests without knowing which was which. If smart water is better than regular tap water you would think it would win. But when testing multiple waters such as dasani and many others to smart water the subject testing the water didn’t even rank smart water in the top ten. I think the reason why most people buy smart water, evian, or any expensive bottle of water is because they think that since it is so expensive it will be better for you, which is not true for many of them. The companies that produce these products also do a very good job at making the bottles look very appealing to the eye. Bottom line is now knowing how much companies green wash I will now be checking my items at the grocery for what is actually in them.



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3 thoughts on ““Smart” Water

  1. bottled water is one of the funniest inventions! “lets charge people absurds amount of money for something they can get for free at their houses!” and it works! people buy them! People get caught up in labels and brands, thinking that if they pay more money for a specific brand it will be a better product. Well, sometimes that isn’t true. You really do have to do your research before you buy a product.

    -Tom walters


  2. I used to buy smart water back in high school but only because it was the only bottled water we had in our vending machines. When I didn’t have a water bottle, I would go and waste $2 on bottled tap water. I was always mad because I knew I wasted my money on a false product.


  3. Ive known smart water was a fraud. However it shocks me that they put additives in it after extracting the minerals. in my opinion thats probably why its called smart, even thou you technically dont get as much nutrients as regular water. I feel like the bottle itself is part of the hype. Its fancy compared to other bottles products and the”smart” on the front attracts unsuspecting audiences.

    Chandler B


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