They can do that?

Through our Greenwashing discussion I have discovered that companies are allowed to straight out lie to their consumers by stating false claims. You would think this would be illegal but apparently it isn’t illegal at all and one news story about really brings this as well as other examples to life. The news story was presented by Good Morning America through abc news back in 2009 and they worked with terrachioce in covering some of the 7 sins we spoke about in class . They spoke about how Kenmore refrigerators claim to be more energy efficient and so claims it will save you money on your electric bill and will give you a green foot print when it comes to energy use reduction but one consumer found this to not be the case and saw no change in electric usage. The news story also points out that this is completely legal for companies to do. They went over other examples as well. At one point they spoke about shaving creams and their claims to be chlorofluorocarbon or CFC free and how that they are just “hyping whats out” because since 1978 it has already been illegal for products to contain CFC’s anyway and so they weren’t actually in there and aren’t in products now already regardless of their boasting. They also spoke about hidden trade offs and pointed to a water bottle example where due to it’s shape it reduces it’s plastic use by 30% yet people don’t realize that the trade off is the need of transport and the resources needed for that seem to negate this product as a green option. There are also things known as self made seals and this one really blew my mind. Whenever I see a green leaf a on a product I figure it is an earned mark of environmental standards being represented however this is apparently not the case because companies can put whatever stamp looking logo on their bottles that they want. All of these ploys directly mislead consumers and I feel that they are only hurting themselves in the long run as we consumers will loose trust in their labels entirely over time and began to ignore them making companies loose them as a viable source marketing in the long run anyway. So what do you all think, should these false claims also known as lies be illegal or not?


-Tymandra Amburgy-

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