Beautiful inside and out?

There are 3 women in my house and enough hair and skin care products to drowned in. All kinds of different products and different brands. We always have to have the newest brands in shampoo and makeup. What girl doesn’t? They may all be different but they almost all have something in common. The companies behind them labeling them as “green” or “eco-friendly”. Greenwashing is everywhere and the beauty industry is no exception. With products that so many people use especially topically and daily of course they want people to believe they are getting the safest and most “organic” products they can. Most women would be surprised the brands that claim they are. In an article I read brands such as Aveda, Herbal Essences, LUSH, Organix, Origins, Covergirl, and The Body Shop are just a few of the brands who use false labeling to trick the consumer. The words “clean’ and “natural” are tossed around a lot in beauty products but there is a big gray area when it comes to labeling and what is really being regulated when making these products. Often the levels of “organic” or “natural” ingredients is not specified, many think it may be 100% natural when the level may be much lower. “Some deceiving brand owners go as far as to say that they’re organic on their packaging, even though they have just one drop of an organic essential oil,” says Rose-Marie Swift, the founder of “green” beauty brand RMS Beauty. Women be careful and do your research when buying your products!greenwashed

2 thoughts on “Beautiful inside and out?

  1. This is such a sad state of affairs because as a woman you want to feel good buying products, like you are helping the environment and creating a change by doing so. Yet companies use this mentality to gain even more money with what is, one must agree, a brilliant marketing strategy. I wish larger sanctions were in place for products that are used in such intimate contact with one skin.


  2. Women’s soap (or soap in general) is a very important part of the consumer products economy because so many people are so very loyal to their soap brand. I have bought and used Irish Spring soap since I was in junior high school and haven’t thought to change since then. When companies offer these greenwashed products it tempts the consumer to buy them on the impression that what they are purchasing is beneficial to the environment. While some soaps are “eco-friendly” at the end of the day they are just soap and do the same ecological effect that other soaps do even though they aren’t mass produced in some cases.

    Grant Moss


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