Biofuel Greenwashing


Big oil companies, like BP and Shell, like to show off that they are environmentally clean by advertising their use of biofuel. These petroleum companies have a reason to be spending so much time and resources on biofuels. Oil companies have the worst image they have ever had to the public. BP has been restoring public relations since the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Since the image of oil companies are at the worst they have ever been, they have decided to spend more time and effort in Biofuels in order to improve their image.

Biofuel can be derived from organic matter by fermenting into ethanol to produce liquid fuel, or natural oils can be extracted from organic matter to blend with petroleum to create products like biodiesel. This organic material is grown specifically for this purpose, which takes away land and crops to be grown for food. Biofuel is taking away food for people that need it, just to improve a public image that their company is good for the environment. These big oil companies use greenwashing to make the public believe they are being environmentally friend;y, but really they are just investing in a new way to pollute the Earth.

Biofuel has been said to be renewable. That is why big oil companies are advertising that they are using and why people believe they are making a difference when they fill their car with biofuel. Biofuel is not quite renewable as many think it is. We can grow fuel crops over and over again, but that does not mean it is sustainable. We can run out of land to plant crops or the soil can loose all of its nutrients and we wont be able to produce crop. Big oil companies need to be completely transparent with what they are doing to the environment so the public knows exactly what they are buying.


David Lehn

One thought on “Biofuel Greenwashing

  1. Wow. I’ve never thought of it like that, this is very eye opening. I would not have assumed biofuel and the organic matter used to produce it is created and processed this way. I think it’s disgusting to know that there are companies, let alone dirty oil, that not only is taking more resources away in the food sector, but using solely to gain consumer support bye telling half truths about their product. Thanks for extremely insightful read.

    – Allison Johnson


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