eos Lip Balm Commercial

I’ve recently become aware of a commercial for a new cosmetic product called “eos organic lip balm” that made me really question the facts about this product. The 15 second advertisement features a happy looking couple walking around in some sort of farmers market with the actual product only being seen for about 2 seconds. This product is shown as being “USDA Organic” at the end of the ad, but we don’t really see how it’s organic. The imagery used in the commercial (as well as in many greenwashed ads) tries to evoke a sense of ‘wow this product is really environmentally friendly! I should use that product to make my life seem as good as the happy couple in that commercial!’ There are no facts or statistics shown in the ad to convince the audience of its organic nature other than the narrator saying it’s organic and the USDA stamp on the product. How much of the product is made of organic materials? What components are organic? For all we know, the only organic thing about it could be the plastic casing it’s kept in.

Many advertisements showcasing cosmetic products are becoming more and more greenwashed to seem more appealing to customers who are concerned for the environment. But what does it really mean for a cosmetic to be organic? According to the FDA, cosmetics made with ingredients are not necessarily safer for consumer or the environment. Another interesting fact is that the USDA is legally required to keep to the FDA’s regulations and laws for using organic products, but the FDA doesn’t actually have a definition for the term “organic”.

Because of this class, I have been paying much more attention to picking out the details (or lack thereof) about greenwashed products form advertisements whether I notice it happening or not. This new commercial I viewed sparked a string of questions about it’s “organic” qualities and why they weren’t actually described in the advertisement itself.



3 thoughts on “eos Lip Balm Commercial

  1. I feel like so many cosmetic companies fool so many of us by saying its “organic”. If you look into most organic products you will find that most really aren’t 100% pure. Buyers don’t feel as guilty purchasing something if it is labeled as good for you and companies like eos use that to their advantage.


  2. I used EOS for awhile when they first came out, but I switched because I did not like the way the product made my lips feel. They felt dried out and made me want to continue to use the product. But when people buy “organic” they feel less guilty when purchasing them.


  3. Its funny you mentioned this because every time I see this commercial I laugh. Its just so ridiculous. The woman is walking around with her bag of carrots and her boyfriend acting as though, her organic lip balm just makes her life SO much better. I wondered the same thing though. What exactly about this lip balm is organic?


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