He Speaks for the Trees… And Sells SUV’s

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Here is the ad

Looking for greenwashing in advertisements this week I came across countless examples, but none quite as absurd and, quite honestly, offensive as this one. The beloved Dr. Seuss character who is the only environmentalist left in an industrialized world, who has his habitat torn apart, who hates the deceit and outright lies of the faux green world that is built using his Truffula Trees, ‘endorses’ a Mazda. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it the first time, and it’s no better now. I don’t know how much money the production team received to allow Mazda to use the character, but it is a bold testament to just how far companies are willing to go to deceive you. The willingness to drag Dr.Seuss, an american legend, to drag his magnum opus through the mud just to try to tell you that their car is good for the environment. Not only is it lying about being good for the environment, a standard that no vehicle to date has passed, it is lying about even being less bad than most other vehicles. The Mazda in question is a midsize SUV and gets 35 mpg in a year where the average light duty vehicle passenger car got 36.4 mpg. It isn’t even above average in that regard, yet suggest that it has won the only ‘Truffula Tree Seal of Approval.’ It’s almost comedic how they used a cartoon trying to expose the horrible nature of corporations and greed to indulge their greed. In addition to being Lorax themed and fully animated, the commercial has a sky blue colored car, features many of the Lorax characters up close as the car drives through the background (on a paved road I might add), and makes several references to it’s ‘skyactiv technology.’ I assumed this meant technology that was polluting the skies, but looked into it a little more than my base assumption. Skyactiv is the name Mazda uses to refer to its ‘fuel efficient’ engine, transmission, body and chassis. So in short, skyactiv means all the parts of a car with below average fuel efficiency.

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Dr.Seuss’s reaction to this, probably

Here is the ad


Dylan Nourse


5 thoughts on “He Speaks for the Trees… And Sells SUV’s

  1. It’s very ironic that Mazda is using the Lorax the promote its vehicles. It’s even funnier that the car they’re promoting with this isn’t even a hybrid, electric or other more fuel efficient car. I completely agree with everything you said in your post. Companies will go the great lengths to appear environmentally friendly and greenwash their products to reflect that. We all know that we would never see this imagine or a gas engine car driving on a paved road in the Lorax’s world because it is not good for the environment no matter how the company tries to spin it.

    Jacob Fischer


  2. Over the Lorax promoting a vehicle which pollutes the air, I think it’s more ironic how there is a paved road in this ad… Wasn’t the entire purpose of the Lorax’s plea was to to save the trees..? Not to cut them down and drive a polluting vehicle through the woods?

    -Tarah Klenk


  3. The Lorax was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid and it is sad to see it being used as an advertising tool. It paints a false picture of what the car is and what the Lorax is. There is no way the Lorax from the movies would endorse a car, so it’s kinda crazy to see in a commercial.


  4. I think this is one of my favorite blogs this year because of how spot on you were with everything. Dr. Seuss was a favorite of mine growing up and honestly, is still today. He promotes so much good in many different ways, teaching children and adults basic and important life knowledge about our world. It’s a shame to see his work used to promote something that is falsely advertised. Awesome read, and loved the ending tough as well.

    Josie Silvey


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