Among many products that are found criminal to greenwashing, business as a whole are often guilty of changing something about the way they operate to fit the bill of “greener products.” Companies think that because their product is greener or more environmental friendly that business will boom and sales will skyrocket. While this may be true, it is only true for the less-informed consumer. It is important as a consumer to be aware and informed of the seven sins of greenwashing so that we are not disillusioned into believing that a company is more green or more innocent than they truly are.

McDonalds changed some of their logos in 2014 claiming that they were “going green”. McDonalds has over 800 locations In Ohio, being out New York and coming in close behind Florida and California. Customers are attracted there not because of the food, per se, but rather the convenience and speed in which the food can be produced. McDonald’s saw this opportunity and stepped up their game launching the going green campaign. In this campaign they claimed to source more sustainable beef by 2016. They also claimed to use biofuel from leftover grease and use it in their fleet trucks. This company also took a “leap” in using recycled paper in their bags. McDonalds is not sustainable in any way shape or form: ” yet the company still uses beef grazed on deforested land in South America.”

Mcdonalds is sinful through vagueness, hidden trade-off and and no proof. Vagueness is accomplished through the label itself. a Green background with the golden arches does not accomplish anything tangible. McDonald’s is making a claim here that they cannot support with their product. The new label cannot back up their service or their claims through what they are serving or the means through which they are doing it. There is no real proof of sustainable beef in their products and the “recycle” label on their bags does very little for their green image. Paper bags are a hidden trade-off. They are not actually sustainable compared to other options or products.


Misleading Marketing: Beware of Greenwashing!


Mikayla Hounchell


5 thoughts on “McDonalds.

  1. I think this goes back to that quote from the book saying that the only truly green product is the one that is not produced. It’s very smart to actually think about the promises that companies make and how those promises will truly impact the environment.


  2. Before even reading your blog it caught my attention. The picture of the McDonald’s logo on a going green sign is shocking, because they will never be “green.” Also, the read was interesting as well and I definitely agree, but that picture takes the prize!

    Josie Silvey


  3. I agree with the two comments above. By design McDonalds will never be truly sustainable. While I do believe even small green steps can make a difference, when they make it seem like drastic changes that is saddening. They still raise there meat and process their meat in the most cost effective, nonsustaining ways.

    Katie McNulty


  4. I have notices this trend with multiple companies, however the greatest laugh is that of McDonald’s. Their pleas to appeal to the growing green market, to me fall on deaf ears, but it might just be me. Now they offer “healthier” choices like mc wraps and the like, I’m sure they are still just as overly processed… Though the calorie count may be down. Thanks for the good read.

    -Allison Johnson


  5. Another thing I noticed with McDonalds is there movement to free-range eggs. But as I said in my article, free-range eggs don’t mean much of a difference for the chickens at all, so its more just a form of greenwashing. McDonalds is really interesting because over time they have made more of an effort to seem as though they aren’t just a fast food empire, and that they care about where their food is sourced from. But it really just seems like an oxymoron to me because no matter what they do, they are still a gigantic source of consumerist waste and pollution.


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