The Most Greenwashed “product” out of them all… Money

Greenwashing, to me, is just another term to describe a new age problem if you will. All we talk about, see, read, and learn are problems. Then people have to come up with terminology to make sense of what is going on. No matter what the issue is it always comes down to money. Greenwashing is one of infinite examples, but why are companies practicing this deliberate deceiving tactic? Because of money – the profit, it’s plain and simple when you really think about it but we don’t. We accept the fact that money is the problem and that is why and the only reason why they are doing these horrible crimes against humanity mentally and physically and also to the environment, yet we let that fly right over our heads because of money’s history. We think we need money, so if this piece of paper is necessary for life then we must make excuses around it in order to justify corporation’s action.

We understand about greenwashed products and acknowledge all these companies that are participating in this movement, and then our minds wonder onto another problem. Corporations know that right now so much destruction is occurring on the planet (I mean they contribute to 95% of it, if not all) and people are starting to take notice, so why not take their observations and turn them into a marketing tactic like we’ve done for the past one-hundred plus years. In other words this is called taking advantage. They guide us with misinformation paid by the media corporations and when people finally start to find out the truth we say “naughty! Don’t do that anymore and don’t put labels on products that aren’t true.” Then they go right back to taking advantage and all of this is because of money.

Corporations care about making money on people and we the people cant figure out a real solution because we’re trying to fix the problem with the problem. It’s a vicious cycle that has gone on for too long. Humans by nature are loving, giving, and creating beings but when you introduce something that contradicts that nature like adding value to things, competition instead of cooperation, or in other words money then you get corruption of the mind that thrives on short-term gratification and self-fulfillment. We think a world without money would be chaos but fail to acknowledge the chaos we’re endeavoring right now. I mean for goodness sake our species is about to go extinct within the next century, the Great Barrier Reef is dead, and over a billion people die each year from starvation. If there’s a will there’s a way and nothing would have happened-all greatness and success and all failures-if people didn’t try, the least we can do is try because the world is going to shit anyway.


– Jaiden Deal

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