Whats really in your trash?


Image result for garbage made up of packaging

When you think of trash or the trashcan in your kitchen you probably think of it being filled with gross wasted food but, if you really took the time to look at what was in the trash can you might notice that not to be completely true. You might me surprised to find that food is only a very small portion of your trashcan. Whats really taking up the majority of your trash is the packaging your foods come in. Nearly a quarter to a third of our nations waste is made up of packaging items. These items could be  plastic bottles, foam packaging, aluminum, or cardboard. All of these packaging’s are ending up in our landfills and do not breakdown and will be there for centurys. Also there are some products who are packaging their products in unnecessary packaging . The image above shows a banana that already has a natural package being its peel, having a foam tray as well as saran wrap wrapped around it. Things like this are unnecessary and are harmful to our earth. When going to the store try to avoid buying things with unnecessary packaging. Look for products that have packaging made from recycled waste. Companies such as McDonald’s has even started serving their meals in recycled bags and cardboard, so that’s a step. Its very important re-recycle these products as well so they do not end up in a landfill. Its also a good idea to maybe look at the packaging you are about to throw away and think if maybe if could become useful. Things like a used up ketchup bottle can be reused for a number of things. Things like making pancakes in the morning. The squeeze bottle would be great to make the perfectly proportioned pancake!

-Claire Greve

2 thoughts on “Whats really in your trash?

  1. I feel like so many companies are using extra packaging all the time. I believe that they should all be making an effort to use as little as possible because the harm it has to the enviroment. Like mentioned above, it does not break down and now our earth is becoming a giant garbage.


  2. I think its a marketing strategy that companies use to sell their goods when packaged in unique packages. Another thing that’s awful about that packaging is that it usually drives the price up. All in all their needs to be a change in how we package our food.

    Edwin Doll


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