BP: One of Biggest Green-washing Oil Company

After the oil spill in 2010, BP created an incredibly large advertisement plan of about $93 million in which they they did or attempted to save face that they learned for their mistakes and were now the most green oil company. Besides the fact that the statement green oil company is contradicting, BP has actually increased the amount of CO2 emission that they released into the environment from drilling. The amount of CO2 released per day increased to about 127,000 tons from the 200,000 barrels that they produced from the Alberta Tar Sands. When looking at their advertisements after the oil spill, they use plenty of imagery that involve activities in the gulf such as fishing, they show lots of species and animals that could potentially have been affected by the oil spill, and they also show the actual shores of the gulf to show how “clean it is”. Obviously after learning about all the different techniques that corporations use in their advertisements, it is safe to assume that everyone reading this knows that there is most definitely some dishonesty in all of this. In reality, there is still about 1200 sq miles of oil still scattered on the seabed and oil tar still washing on the shores to this day. Obviously the general public has seen BP ads after the oil spill and what I really want to know is if the general populace feel that BP is not environmentally friendly, or if they think that they are environmentally friendly. After looking at a some polls, it seems that the general public is aware of these green-washing methods, as about 43% of the population has a negative opinion towards the multinational oil company while about 31% of the population views them in a positive light. So there is potentially a possibility that the general public is catching on to these green-washing tactics and can see through the lies. What do you guys think?




BP ad




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4 thoughts on “BP: One of Biggest Green-washing Oil Company

  1. This is something that really bothers me as well. I saw in an article I used for my research paper that BP actually has a wing in the Monterey Bay Aquarium named after their company. Just another form of how they pretend to care about the environment when its all just greenwashing.


  2. I would obviously saw an oil company itself is still a problem they are never ever going to be a real green company until they stop using oil and change the entire meaning of their company to renewable energies. So while I am disgusted by the ongoing amount of emissions from BP, which I have read based on your article I can’t say it actually surprises me. Companies have a goal of making a profit and this will never change, in my opinion it is up to governments to create sanctions for those companies to force change.

    ~Asha Brogan


  3. BP made a horrible mistake in their handling of the 2010 oil spill and has not even come close to repaying and rehabilitating the Gulf Shores area. The area has not been the same nearly half of a decade later. The south park, “I’m Sorry” skit still cracks me up, even though the skit is humorous it reminds me of how little effort that BP put in to fixing the problem that they have created themselves.

    Grant Moss


  4. I have no respect for BP. I am not much of a political activist, I ate beef withing 24 hours of watching before the flood and proceeded to pop my popcorn after reading ‘Palm Oil’ in the ingredients, but I haven’t put BP gasoline into my vehicle since their disastrous and shameful handling of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf situation.

    Dylan Nourse


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