Before the Flood, literally preparing for the flood

As everyone likes to agree to disagree that climate change is not happening to our planet, but it is. The documentary, “Before the Flood”, is such an eye opening movie that all young people need to watch to become more educated. I wrote my research paper about this documentary actually, but one thing I did not get to touch base on was Global Warming and it effecting Florida. Sea level rise is already increasing flood threats everywhere. But it is set to become a greater problem much sooner than most people expect. It is time that American’s prepare for higher seas and storms if ‘we” want to avoid their worst effects. South Florida is taking precaution and making their roadways more adaptable to the actions yet to come. Some counties are being taxed to make their communities safer from what is yet to come. 900 miles of roadways from Palm Beach to Miami will be impacted by a three-foot rise in sea-levels and 65 and 71 percent of hospitals and emergency shelters that will be located below sea level within just one foot of sea-level rise. With the money the people are paying in taxes is helping their lives for the future rise of the sea levels.

Below is a video of someone showing their local city of how it is effected by climate change

2 thoughts on “Before the Flood, literally preparing for the flood

  1. Another great movie to watch on this topic is “The Island President.” It is about the flooding and coastal erosion of the Maldive Islands and what changes their president has made on a global scale involving climate change legislation. I haven’t seen this documentary yet, but I will definitely look into it. Unfortunately these coastal communities will continue to be impacted by global warming.

    Katie McNulty


  2. Good research, for places like Florida they need to be more mindful about the overall effects of global warming. As we have seen in Ohio so far it has impacted our weather a decent amount, but since we are in the middle of the country we have a larger safety cushion. Since global warming is slow, the entire country should focus on the wellbeing of those who cannot help themselves.

    Chandler B


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