Greenwashing Through Politics

Candidates Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Hold Second Presidential Debate At Washington University

Yes, technically this is not greenwashing because a product is not being sold, or a company is not behind the messages.  However, I firmly believe that we are being more influenced by celebrities and politicians than we were in the past.  Just look at this year’s election.  The people voted based on whose thoughts aligned with theirs, who said that their lives would change for the better if they were voted for.  It is obvious that the majority of the people who voted were doing so because it is “their party,” or they were voting on specific issues that Clinton had opposing views on.  But, despite Trump’s flip flopping on the issues, he still has great power of influence for the people.  He has said businesses will improve, he has said he will be more restrictive on immigration, and biggest of all he said climate change is a hoax.  Now, who is going to believe that climate change is real and happening when a powerful, popular man that will soon run our country said it is not?  Yes, Obama has done much with Obama Climate Plan in setting up what we needs to be done, but Trump will not follow through with this, and may even try to reverse it.  We already know that he appointed Myron Ebell, someone who does not believe in climate change, for the transitioning of the EPA!

Okay, maybe I got off on a tangent, but the main point is summarized well by a classmate from my other environmental class, “It used to be that politician’s thoughts and actions were controlled by the people, but now the people’s thoughts and actions are controlled by politicians,” (I forget his name or else I would’ve cited him).  How did this transition happen?  Maybe that is not really the issue we should be focusing on, but instead looking toward the future.  Yes, not everyone wants to or can be an activist, but even if all of the laws go through that Trump is hoping for, we can continue to live as sustainably as we can and encourage others to do the same.  We have grieved as a community of people who care about the environment, but now is the time for action.  It is clear how many people out there are in disbelief on climate change, because of the way the voting went.  Now is the time to show them that they were wrong.

Annelise Wilimitis

Blog #9

2 thoughts on “Greenwashing Through Politics

  1. It is really important that we don’t just give up after the results of the election. we need to make our voices heard and that the earth is protected. we need to take individual actions, by signing petitions to protect the environment, or even something as simple as donating to a environmental group or a truthful journal such as the new York times so that our freedom of speech is preserved!

    Tom Walters


  2. Glad to see that peoples eyes are still open. There are many reasons the general public gives power to the 1%, bc they feel helpless, they believe that the people really dont hold any influence, or many other reasons. I agree that we should speak up for the issues that concern the entire world. Even with donald as pres, that doesn’t mean society has to give up on preserving the environment. there are always innovations that can encourage other and help nature.

    Chandler B


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