Although We’ve Come To The End of The Road…(Last Blog)


I am extremely amazed by how much I have learned in this course. Coming into this course, I was the least bit of motivated. I knew it was a freshman/sophomore level course, and I was graduating in December, and I only picked the class because it fit into my class schedule. So upon our first class visit, you could only imagine the thoughts that were circulating in my head, “What is the class even going to talk about?”, “Why do we have three different books to read?”, “This class is probably about to have a lot of busy work!”. And taken by surprise this class was not that bad at all. The topics discussed throughout the semester were relevant to today’s society and are pressing issues that many of us ignore.

Out of the three sections the topic that caught me by surprise would have to definitely be the last section. The last couple of weeks I learned terms that I simply ignored such as greenwashing and climate change/global warming. To know that as citizens we have been brainwashed not to see the big problems that are environment is facing, we believe that we still have all this time to fix these problems or that they aren’t big problems to worry about now, and in reality they are huge problems. It’s just fascinating how many “educated” people don’t see issues that are lying right in front of our eyes.

What I will take away from this course is that as a Communication major, whether it is my area of expertise or not, I need to be aware of hot topics and learn how to communicate that to others that aren’t able to access or gain this information. Whether it’s health, science or the environment I can research and understand this issues and communicate it to the people around me so we can shed light on issues that are often ignored. We’ve come to the end of the road. Thanks to our professor and our great TA and, thanks to my classmates that engaged in conversations on certain blog topics that I have had. And congratulations to the graduates in the upcoming commencement. We’ve made it! What’s next?

Shayla Ford


One thought on “Although We’ve Come To The End of The Road…(Last Blog)

  1. I am graduating this semester too and was also surprised by how much I liked it and how many things I am subjected to without even knowing. I think these topics should be broadcast more so everyone is aware of the issues and the lies we are told when we think we are really doing good.

    Katie McNulty


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