The cars we drive, the busses we take to work, and the airplanes that transport us half was across the world account for just under a third of our greenhouse gas emissions. This is a problem people have know about for years, but it is also one that has been relatively untouched in the public eye. Between big oil corporations, to people just not wanting to change their life style, it is perceived that we have struggled to fine a way to make any kind of impact on this problem, but that is not true.

The solution to this problem is not to stop driving gas powered machinery or to carpool or only drive electric cars. There is this thing called biofuel, or a fuel or fuels derived directly from living matter, that has not gotten enough support. With the advancement in technology, the advancement of our understanding of greenhouse gasses, and the help of dedicated individuals, our options for fuel have grown and will continue to grow. There are fuels that are made out of vegetable oil and animals fats, to algae, which is a renewable resource because it grows itself! The best part is many other these biofuels have little to no emissions .

Now if we have all of these great options, why aren’t we using them? Just like tobacco companies fund non tobacco related cancers, many big gas companies have spearheaded research in this field, and then with held their discoveries hoping to make the most profit off of our current energy supply. So what can we do to change this? Start by watching “Revenge of the Electric Car” on Netflix. This documentary is a great watch and can give even more powerful details about current problems and potential future successes.

Halle Van De Hey

One thought on “Biofuels

  1. The Lima Ohio biofuel plant had to close because no one could take the wastes from it. Until there is a solution for disposing of the biofuel wastes this technology is not viable.



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