Can One Person Make a Difference?



After watching Before the Flood last week, the days that followed seemed bleak and hopeless at best. It truly seemed like the future was set in stone and we have no chance to make a difference. But then I remembered President Obama changed his mind about same-sex marriage, because the people essentially demanded him to. I want to believe that climate change with Donald Trump has the potential to turn out the same way. It won’t happen right away, but I have faith that hard and true science will prevail.

Aside from this, I believe that one person can make a positive difference. One person alone will not stop the ice caps from melting. Enough people banding together might though. This lead me to read up on exactly how can an individual make a difference and heres what I found.

• We all know now that eating less meat is a simple and effective way to help save our planet, even just one day a week makes a difference! If everyone in the US ate vegan for one day a week its the same as taking 7.6 million cars off of the road. Just some food for thought (sorry I love puns couldn’t help myself).

Meat Eaters Guide

• Getting involved! Signing petitions and contacting local government officials, even getting involved with businesses that lack in the sustainability department matters. Especially if you can get a family member or friend to join you. Theres an abundance of petitions to sign and each one is a very simple, straightforward process that take no more than 2 minutes to complete.

We The People

• Donating is also a great thing you can do. If you find yourself thinking maybe you don’t really need anything this holiday season, gift donations to National Resource Defense Council helps. Even $10 matters. Also, its tax deductible!

NRDC Donations

• The biggest thing for me, and I think for a lot of my fellow classmates is staying positive and keeping our eyes on the prize. If you like me are in college for Environmental Studies, we are doing the absolute best we can to make a real tangible difference whether it be with water treatment, clean energy, research, farming etc. And as always, getting involved on campus is our best way to make a difference right here in our city and on our campus.

What Can You Do?
Top 10 Green Jobs
UC Sustainability

5 thoughts on “Can One Person Make a Difference?

  1. I completely agree! I love the links you added to help guide people to the right resources. Also supporting true green businesses and divesting in inherently environmentally harmful companies will help as well.

    Katie McNulty


  2. I agree with Katie, I think that providing those links to help people get involved and aware is great,many people want to help out and make a difference but don;t know where to start and you have gave them a starting point.

    Shayla Ford


  3. I definitely agree that we should all get involved and try to make as much of a difference as possible. We each may need to a little sacrifice to make a difference, like changing our diets slightly, or trying to drive our cars less, or any other thing that can make a positive difference. I think that just cutting beef out of your diet can make a huge difference and is not that much of a burden on anyone to do.

    Jacob Fischer


  4. I love your article! It’s taking something so daunting to one person and giving real examples on what we can do to make a difference. Especially with what is going on politically, individual action is what is really going to make a difference these next 4 years.

    Victoria Obermeyer


  5. I’ve actually been vegan for over 9 months now! And I love every second of it because I know how much I’m helping my body and this Earth. Also great blog, very creative and this should definitely give some people insight for what they can do and I totally agree that being optimistic is one of the best things we can do. It may not seem like much but small differences in the way we act and think make up for the huge differences we see in the world.

    Jaiden Deal


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