Can our oceans be saved?

This past week we watched the documentary Before the Flood. I had already viewed this documentary, however, it was even better the second time. It is so interesting how many things in that video I had little to no knowledge about at all. One subject that hit me hard was when Obama spoke about his grandchildren won’t get the chance to see all the beautiful things our generation has been fortunate to be alive to see. For example, the glaciers; I was lucky enough to get to go on a cruise through Alaska a few summers ago where one stop was where a massive glacier was and it was one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen. It is mind blowing that within years practically all that ice could potentially be gone and because of the huge impact we are having on climate change this not only is causing the earth to become warmer, it is also affecting out oceans and ruining the life that is there today. Along with the use of fossil fuels affecting the ocean the use and elimination of plastic in the ocean is contributing to the rising tide. Around eight million tons of plastic enter the marine environment each year, and the figure is set to rise. “The Ellen Macarthur Foundation estimates that 311 million tons of plastic were produced in 2014, which will double within 20 years, and projects that there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050”(CNN). Plastic is pulled together in the powerful, circling currents of gyres, but it is also found in Arctic ice, washing up on remote islands, and infesting tourist destinations, which has never been an issue before. It is estimated that plastic kills over one million sea creatures a year.160628184748-plastic-turtle-2-exlarge-169Not only is this killing our oceans it also has a negative impact on our health. In lower developed countries people will use plastic and burn it to get rid of the material. These people were then exposed to the gases that come out when you burn plastic, including two very scary ones that have been linked to cancer, dioxins and furans. It is our job to start the small steps to change the use of plastic and fossil fuels that are harming our world in so many ways. I hope to be able to give future generations the same opportunities to see and experience all of the beautiful places and animals that our planet has to offer.



2 thoughts on “Can our oceans be saved?

  1. It is a shame that the marine environment is getting destroyed because of the amount of pollution in our water. Obviously the overuse of plastic causes a negative affect on our environment, but its sad we don’t care enough about the animals environment as well.


  2. It is so sad to me that we are the cause of this problem. It is affecting many animals and we will eventually cause many species to be extinct.
    Lauren Reinhard


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