Climate Change Affects all Life on Earth

By Ethan Whiteford

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A new analysis of hundreds of studies says that almost every aspect of life on Earth has been affected by climate change. More than a dozen authors from different universities and nongovernmental organizations around the world have concluded that almost every aspect of life on earth has been affected by climate change in some way. In more scientific terms; genes, species and ecosystems now show clear signs of impact.These responses to climate change include species’ genome, their shapes, colors and sizes, their abundance, where they live and how they interact with each other. The influence of climate change can now be detected on the smallest, most cryptic processes all the way up to entire communities and ecosystems. A couple of examples would be of butterflies and salamanders. Butterflies in Europe are changing from darker colors to lighters because they fare better in warmer climates. Salamanders in North America are becoming smaller because it is more-favorable to be small in hotter temperatures. This may not seem like a huge deal, but these small changes can quickly add up and decimate an ecosystem.

So why should we care? Well this basically means that the near future is going to be much more unpredictable than in the past. We, as in scientists, aren’t 100% sure what will happen in the coming years, which means that more research needs to be done on the topic of climate change. Only one thing is for certain, and that is the world is changing.

5 thoughts on “Climate Change Affects all Life on Earth

  1. The world is changing tremendously I agree and the ecosystem eventually will no longer be reality. This is sad to say, but the truth is unfolding and unfortunately we are not taking charge in time.


  2. I think that the examples you gave about the butterflies and salamanders is a great example on how climate change is affecting ecosystems currently. I agree with you that while species depletion may not seem like a big deal to most, it is extremely concerning and you are absolutely right that it can and will lead to further, more catastrophic destruction.

    Amanda Hecker


  3. It is such a huge problem that only a few people seem to be noticing. i think we definitely need to try to make a change to try to improve our ecosystems.
    Lauren Reinhard


  4. I really think that this blog was an eye opener, such little words but a huge meaning behind it. I agree, whether we see it or not, everything is being affected by this and we aren’t able to stop it fast enough. It’s tragic.

    Josie Silvey


  5. Thanks for sharing. I find it extremely scary how much everything is being affected by the choices we all are making and how little people are doing asa community to change things. The world is definitely changing.


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