Climate Change by Traci Alig

As we have learned in this past week, us humans have a lot of impact on climate change. We don’t realize how much of an impact we may have sometimes, as I didn’t, but it is a big enough of an impact to be causing detrimental problems all around the world, within the environment. Using cars causes pollution, burning fossil fuels causes harm, eating beef, and so on all cause global warming to rise. The heat that all of these things are creating is dispersed into the air and trapped underneath Earth’s atmosphere. This causes temperatures to rise which results in sea levels rising, ice sheets/icebergs melting off into the oceans and contaminating the water, and many other things that is detrimental to the environment around us.

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My cliché question is, how are we going to change this? Global warming has been debated for years, whether we are the real cause of it or whether it’s just naturally occurring. As we discussed, do we take an objective action to go about this or a self-reliance action? It is proven that the use of coal and fossil fuels is causing this earth to have a tremendous rise in temperature. With the jobs, technology that we have, places we need to be, it’s hard to change our lifestyles that we are so used to, but if we can get the message out there about how much this is affecting the world around us, then maybe things will begin to change.

3 thoughts on “Climate Change by Traci Alig

  1. Amazingly so many of the solutions to will increase our standard of living, have great returns on investment and give us more disposable income, yet so many people are unwilling to install simple things like solar panels on their roofs. Such a shame that we can solve social and environmental problems while making money and we don’t want to do it.



  2. I dont think anyone who believes in climate change would disagree that we need to do something about the many problems that we are causing, but it is near impossible to change a habit that every single one of us does. Using nonrenewable resources is an everyday thing that we can’t live without and unless there is a solution in which everything that we use that uses coal or fossil fuels can miraculously be converted into a solar based machine or wind based machine, then this endeavor will be almost impossible to achieve. I know Denmark has done it, but its population is much much smaller then that of the United States so to do something of that magnitude would require everyone in this country to be on board.

    Usamah Ali


  3. After spending time in Europe and watching the action being taken in countries such as Germany, Italy, Greece, and Norway I believe half or more of the solution is in the allocation of money. In many European countries prices for utilities (in houses) is far higher then in the US. This forces citizens to take more care in what they use, this is the same with driving, gas prices are much higher encouraging people to drive more fuel efficient cars of public transportation. Speaking of, a sophisticated environmentally friendly system of trains and buses is built into the infrastructure of the cities making them the chosen form of transport. Outside of cities people are given subsidized costs to install solar panels and windmills, and then are paid by the state to feed surplus energy back into the grid helping entire communities. People are driven by money and this can be used to the advantage to help people help their climate and global community.

    ~Asha Brogan


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