Eco friendly homes

Due to global warming, temperatures are out of control in some areas, causing crops to die from not being properly protected, animals to lose habitat as well as many other terrible things. As people we dont have to sit back and watch our planet burn. In our everyday lives there are things we can do that contribute to the preservation of the environment. Mostly everybody knows that changing the lightbulbs to LED, or to shower instead of bathe, or even practice RR&R. But in small amounts, it really doesn’t have the impact most people desire. As a homeowner, considering things from an ecological perspective, it is east to find even more ways to cut down on energy, as well as reduce your personal costs in the long run. Make sure home appliances are energy star certified, these products are a healthier output, and dont compromise performance. Having proper insulation throughout the home is also important since 50% of our energy is accounted in heating and cooling alone. Making sure cracks, windows and small ducts are covered will lower energy consumption and save $$$ on the energy bill. It is even possible to landscape your yard to maximize/minimize the amount of sunlight that enters your home; creating shade in the summertime, and allowing more light to travel inside during winter will improve your control of the thermostat. There are countless ways people can eliminate unnecessary energy expenditure, Its all about giving up some, in order to take everything and not loosing the environment to pollution and global warming.

Chandler B


2 thoughts on “Eco friendly homes

  1. I really enjoyed your personal insight in this blog. The ideas and suggestions you’ve listed are easy, and headful. Simple is how we ought to live. We tend to overcomplicate and over clutter our lives with material things and such that we just don’t need. These things are what cause us much stress and can even be hurting the earth a little more. Leading a more simple life, uncomplicated by materials can help us personally and may even benefit the planet.

    Mikayla Hounchell


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