Global Warming in Politics

With this years election there was a lot of issues that were brought up about our country and our world. Some key issues were the economy, jobs, and healthcare but one major issue that was brought up was global warming. Global warming is a very hot topic and is controversial to some. Regardless it was found to be a key issue when it came to voting time. In a Yale study it was found that Americans are more likely to vote for a candidate if they supported taking action against global warming. Asked if they would be more or less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who strongly supports action to reduce global warming, or if it would make no difference, registered voters are three times as likely to say they would be more (43%, up 7 percentage points since October, 2015) rather than less likely (14%) to vote for such a candidate. Conversely, Americans are less likely to vote for someone who doesn’t support actions to be taken against global warming. Asked if they would be more or less willing to vote for a presidential candidate who strongly opposes action to reduce global warming, registered voters are about four times more likely to vote against such a candidate, than to vote for them (45% vs. 11%, respectively). While this may be true across the board for American voters it does vary depending on what party you follow. Democrats are more likely to believe and support action against global warming while Republicans are slightly less on board. Large majorities of Democrats—liberal (95%) and moderate/conservative (80%)—think it is happening, as do three in four Independents (74%, up 15 points since Spring 2014) and the majority of liberal/moderate Republicans (71%, up 10 points). As you can see most Americans are on board with Republicans having slightly lower percentage of people thinking its happening. By contrast, 47% of conservative Republicans think global warming is happening. While a much smaller group in the party, they have seen the most change in percentage of people believing that globally warming is happening. Only 19% believed global warming was happening a few years ago so that brings a 28% change, more than any other group of voters. All in all this is great news when it comes to this important issue because now there is common ground between republicans and democrats. There also is a major shift in the extreme right to where even they are starting to be on board with this change. If this trend continues, and hopefully it does, maybe in the future we will all agree to help save the planet.

Edwin Doll


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