How Some Corporations are Starting to Go Green

The deep concern that America (as well as other countries) has about whether or not it’s too late to go green is finally starting to affect larger corporations in a push to become more environmentally friendly. More and more businesses are buying into cleaner, renewable energy sources every year now that the public is pressing for drastic changes to help ward off the inevitable climate change. Companies such as General Motors have made pledges to start using wind power for one of their Texas facilities later this year, and Walmart has become the leading on-site solar adopter in America, installing solar panels on the roofs of its big-box stores and warehouses.

Other companies joining the cause include Intel Corp. as they attempt to decrease their own carbon footprint by installing solar panels and trimming down their power usage. Whole Foods is also planning to switch to solar power for over 100 of its stores in an effort to effort to establish a more environmentally friendly image. As more and more large-scale businesses start to turn to renewable energy, many people feel that there is a chance that the environment can still be saved in the future. However, most of the above mentioned companies ‘planning’ on going green don’t see any of the bigger changes until around 2020. Hopefully by this time, there will have been so many more active changes to renewable energy sources that corporations can then start to focus on more ways to help the recuperation of the environment.

Will Amazon (Finally) Go Green?

3 thoughts on “How Some Corporations are Starting to Go Green

  1. I believe sooner than later would be idea when it comes to corporations making to switch to renewable energy of green policies. However, I can understand the time constraints and financial burden such policies can inflict on companies. It’s always uplifting to hear that more and more companies are making the switch, I believe this is due in part to consumer demand of higher expectations placed on these companies. Thanks for the great read.

    -Allison Johnson


  2. I feel as if this is already happening in a big way. If you look around there are tons of companies that build green buildings in order to save money and to look good. Hopefully it only gets better though.

    Edwin Doll


  3. This is promising. I hope that while our nation may be changing some of there policy’s on climate change that large corporations will begin to make changes to there carbon footprint.
    -claire greve


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