I’m Sick of Talking About Climate Change

Many Americans, especially those who lack a significant background on the subject of the environment, feel that climate change is talked about too much.  It’s too depressing but it’s also something that we do not need to worry about just yet.  It is too far in the future.  We need to focus on national security, bringing jobs back to our country, immigration.  However, those who make these arguments tend to forget how much our planet’s health can affect all of these issues.

We already have Americans feeling from climate-related causes (see NYT article).  We see how droughts affected political climate in Syria (see Scientific America article).  We forget more people are now employed through green energy than the oil business and this industry is continuing to grow every day.  Conflict over natural resources like water pose a serious threat as well and we’ve seen problems/ lifestyle changes it can cause in our own country (i.e. the south-west).

So why is it that the media has been talking less and less about it in recent years?  A big part is that it’s not what people want to hear about anymore.  It’s the same old thing, were doomed.  There is nothing we can do we might as well not even try.  It’s not clickbaity enough.

But what I’m really sick of is trying to convince people that climate change is something that we NEED to talk about, that it’s  not some far-off, distant problem but something that has potential to affect our lives (yes, middle/upper class, midwestern Americans) dramatically within the next 20-15 years.  It is something you can change, but it can only be changed through education and personal example.


Another interesting article on news coverage and the climate crisis: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-32131142

Victoria Obermeyer

2 thoughts on “I’m Sick of Talking About Climate Change

  1. So what should we do then? I see what you’re saying and honestly it is depressing to think about and hear about on a daily basis, but with all due respect I personally feel like if we just stop talking about it, we could just be adding to the problem. Brushing it off because we’re sick of hearing about it doesn’t do any good. I think awareness and knowledge make a difference.


    • That’s kind of what I was aiming for when I wrote this; we do need to talk about it! and a lot of the issues people put ahead of it are related to climate change. So I agree with what you’re saying, I hope you get a chance to look at the other articles I posted in this blog post.


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