Our Oceans

By: Lauren Reinhard

It is sad that we are one of the main causes for our oceans depletion. Whether it is from an oil spill or even pollution. There is so much plastic and garbage in our oceans that have been caused by littering. The sad part about it is animals can get caught in the plastic and it can alter their lives. Some of the animals also mistake the plastic for food and will accidentally eat it causing them to get sick. Our oceans are some of the coolest and unique places with a diverse number of species and its terrible that we are slowly destroying it. Not to mention that people have also over fished some species such as whales or fish. Over fishing can cause a shortage of animals which means they will not be able to thrive. Over all we need to be more conscious about what impact we have on our oceans and even all animals around. We can help animals get back to their populations thriving but only if we make drastic changes such as less pollution and littering. I hope that we can fix this problem before it gets any worse. turtle


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