Our World

Recently in class we have been discussing how our world and claimant have been changing in major ways with in the past years.  I do believe in claimant change, although I haven’t not noticed any bog difference in my life time, personally. Although, I know it is very real I have seen through studies and research that have been done. Watching documentary it was very upsetting to see the changes of the ice in the arctic, I never thought that we would ever lose that much ice in shut a short amount of time. I think about later in my life will there not be any polar bears, will my kids never see the snow? Since the water levels are rising what are we going to to do with out homes and buildings? How many people are going to have to lose everything for someone to stand up. I thought it was very interesting that in China they are doing so much more for the claimant that America is, and they have a lot less space.  last week I was reading how Sweden how they became the first country to rid themselves of using fossil fuels. Just like that they completely stopped using them and only are using reusable energy. I believe that there is hope for our world, there just needs to be more education brought to everyone. We as the people of the world need to stand up to our leaders, so they have to make a change.   The rest of the world need tp jump on the band wagon like Sweden and make this drastic change. We need to just cut ourselves off cold turkey, we can survive, but we are afraid that we might have to change our lives a small percent.


2 thoughts on “Our World

  1. This is a very powerful post, and I do believe that we need to take a stand. Even if some do not believe that global warming exists and that the reasons that science proves causes it are not real, so what? These things are not good for the environment anyway so why not make the change? I also wrote my blog on global warming. This is a scary thought to think about all of this stuff happening to our environment, and what it will bring to our future.
    -Traci Alig


  2. Becoming an friendly world is something that will take decades, centuries even, but it all comes down to whether the people who makes laws and decisions want to enforce this issue. We know that many people in congress get donations from oil companies and because of this, there is never a way to promote pro environment legislature. Only if this is taught to the younger generation who understands the importance unlike the older demographic who would rather get paid then help the Earth, will we have a chance of stopping the damage that we have already created.

    Usamah Ali


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