Personal thoughts: Climate Change

Growing up in a conservative house hold, climate change wasn’t an issue that was discussed because “the earth was just going through a phase,” and while this may be scientifically true, it’s also true that Climate Change is a real thing that is happening now at an incredibly fast pace. It’s not just “the Earth’s cycle” anymore. Watching DiCaprio’s documentary helped me sort out my views and where I stand on this issue which was important for me because I’d never been forced to do so before. Seeing images and footage from various places across the world and their paths to destruction made me understand that this issue is happening in the here and now and is not something that can be pushed aside until it presents itself clearly–its presenting itself very clearly right now. Rachel Brathen,a yoga instructor that I follow faithfully, posted just two days ago of a massive flood in Aruba. She references Dicaprio’s documentary and states that “climate change is REAL.” Just because we don’t have massive flooding here in Cinci that forces us to take action doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t. Coupled with pollution and over-population, we’re experiencing change here as well. The floods in Aruba recently are a prime example of how climate change is truly an issue and how our little changes (energy efficient appliances, recycling, composting etc.) are failing and we have to take real action with greater impact on our planet. The recent election puts climate change in a whole new light and jeopardizes the world’s past efforts to reduce the planet’s temperature increase, and thats nerve-racking. Over all, these past few classes and the documentary have been essential for me in the way that i’ve developed a stance on climate change that I hadn’t previously had, and I have a greater understanding of how prevalent it is in the every day life that I live.


Mikayla Hounchell

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Aruba right now😳😳😳 This is the street our studio is located on; we're just 150 meters to the left. Luckily our property is fine and our house too, we're on a little hill so we managed to avoid this absolutely insane flooding. Praying for the people who's cars are floating down the street right now😳 This is a good reminder of how vulnerable we really are – especially after the post I shared last night! And also noting that Aruba is a desert island – it never ever rains here. Dennis says he hasn't seen rain like this ever before. Even the airport is under water! Today is a good day to curl up on the couch and watch "Before The Flood" by @leonardodicaprio – climate change is REAL people! It's only going to get more and more noticeable in our day to day lives. Hoping everyone on the island is safe and that we don't get anymore rain today🙏🏼 #flood #rain #aruba

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One thought on “Personal thoughts: Climate Change

  1. I’m glad you got something out of watching that documentary, as i’m sure many of us did! It’s interesting that climate change was never discussed in your household. Both of my parents are fairly liberal, yet we didn’t begin discussing climate change until I was old enough to begin forming my own opinions. I think this shows that no matter the stance on this topic, there is some hesitation to talk about it, discuss it, and especially to advocate for it. Do you think if this documentary was somehow highly distributed to the public for free that it could have an even bigger impact than it already has?

    Halle Van De Hey


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