Polar Bears

During last weeks class we had watched a documentary about global warming and the effects it has on our planet. One specific part of the movie that had a huge affect on me was the coral reef images when they had went into the sea, but another topic of global warming that I also have a weak spot for is the animals affected by the ice melting. No, it is not just polar bears, but polar bears seem to be the media and peoples main focus when thinking about the extreme amounts of ice that has began melting each year. This ice is not only a way for animals to not drown but it is their homes, where they feed, seek shelter, breed, and live in the beautiful eyes of nature. This is all disappearing, taken from them, and they are all dying. Not only is this decreasing our animal population but it is also increasing sea levels, bringing water onto shores and destroying homes and man made built things. These are all things that we can help, probably not stop completely, but we can stop this from happening so drastically and so quickly. If it was possible for us as a society to put ourselves in a polar bears life, or any living creature that lives or benefits from coral reefs, maybe we could change our actions. Maybe we would be able to understand the full force of these changes and truly change ourselves and our actions in return. This will never happen though, at least until society (all of society, not just parts of it here and there), our having their everyday life necessities taken from them without a means of replacing it or finding a new way to get the job accomplished. Animals don’t have the choice to create a new means of not drowning, they don’t have the choice to die or live from our actions. I hate to be the negative one, but I don’t see society as a whole changing until we are being forced to change. It’s truly sad.


By: Josie Silvey

One thought on “Polar Bears

  1. I agree with you and I think that his topic is very black and white. Either we change as a whole, or not enough change will be made to prevent these detrimental things from occurring. These pictures made me feel down looking at them, these beautiful animals are being killed off and destroyed because of the things we are careless to take action on. They are being destroyed because we are so used to living a certain lifestyle when there are so many other routes we can take to maintain doing the same things, without hurting the environment. These animals don’t have a choice, this is torture to them and something needs to be done. I agree with you and don’t believe anything will be done any time soon, at least not enough to change things like what is seen in this picture, but if the message gets out there, maybe over a long period of time people will begin to realize how this may affect their lives. Until then, hopefully the population of the animal species being affected doesn’t go extinct by then. Great post.
    -Traci Alig


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