The New Face of the EPA


As many of you are probably aware, our new president elect is not a big believer in anthropogenic climate change. In fact, based on the comments and policies he has made it seems as if he actively denies climate change as a hoax, and this is very worrying coming from a man who will help dictate this country’s climate policy for at least the next four years. Trump plans to make many changes to the EPA, if he doesn’t atempt to eliminate it all together. Some of you may be familiar with the man that Trump proposes to appoint to the head of the EPA, Myron Ebell.

It is very important to note that not only does Ebell have no background in science, but he is an outspoken climate change denier. He has previously worked for CEI, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which received large amounts of funding from no other than ExxonMobil. Ebell and many of his contemporaries at CEI had either direct or indirect connections to the Koch brothers who are heavily invested in the fossil fuel industry. To think that Ebell will ignore these past influences and manage an uninfluenced and unbiased EPA is optimistic at best. This could set back the progress of the EPA over the last 8 years almost instantly if Ebell and the republican congress are able to implement some of the policy changes that reflect their disbelief in climate change.

However, we as environmentalists cannot give up hope. We must continue to educate and spread awareness of anthropogenic climate change and sustainability and work within our own communities to make a difference, at least on a small scale. Another thing that we can is to contact our congressmen and women and let them know how important the issue of climate change is. If we as citizens can make it clear to our representatives that protection against climate change is a key issue when considering who we vote for and support, they will listen. They depend on us as voters as much as we depend on them as representatives and we must make our voice heard. Below I’ve included links to find the congress members from your area in Ohio and I hope that you all take the time to reach out to one of your representatives.

One thought on “The New Face of the EPA

  1. I was truly terrified when I heard the news about this man. It seems like our government was just starting to take action against climate change but ow were just going backwards.
    -claire greve


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