The status of our coral reefs

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Recently in social media there was news the the Great barrier reef was completely dead. But then I noticed to seem more news after this came out that it in fact was not yet dead but, was getting close to it. So with this I would like to find out what the actual state of the reef is and also what the condition of other coral reefs are over all. So the good news is that it is confirmed that the great barrier reef is not dead. Bad news is it is confirmed it is dying. Due to pollution and the growing acidity and rising temperature of the ocean the great barrier reef along with all of the other coral reefs in the ocean are in great danger of being complete wiped out .  75% of all of the oceans coral reefs are at the risk of completely dying. 93% of the worlds largest reef which is the great barrier reef has been effected by  bleaching. Bleaching is when the reef is put under extreme stress from all of this ocean pollution. It is important for scientists who are devoted to saving the reefs let people know that the reefs are not dead or at least not dead yet. They want people to know this so they are still willing to contribute to save them or save what is left of them. Coral reefs make up only 1% of the ocean but they are home to as much as a 25% of all ocean species. So is no conservation or action is taken to protect this coral these species will most likely die out as well.  The oceans coral reefs are also millions of years old. The great barrier reef specifically took 25 million years to grow to the size it is, or was. What is happening to these beautiful reefs is tragic and more action needs to be taken to prevent further destruction.

Scientist: 75 percent of coral reefs are threatened — but there’s hope!

-claire greve

4 thoughts on “The status of our coral reefs

  1. Very interesting read. I too saw on social media that the reef was dead and alot of people sharing stories that it was dead. Thats great news it is not, and I wonder if there is anything we can do to slow down the dying process for this reef. I also was unaware of what exactly bleaching meant to these coral reefs.

    Kelly Woodward


  2. I agree that this is a bigger issue that what it has been made out to be! These species are living things and not to mention food for many people. So much waste and awful things are dumped into the ocean, not realizing how much affect it has on the ocean floors and species. If this continues to happen, I believe that more than what we predict of the ocean species to be wiped out, will be gone. This will be a major problem in so many ways.
    -Traci Alig


  3. It’s good to hear that the coral reefs aren’t dead, but this should be a wake up call to the people that we need to start changing the system of how we dispose of our waste and other chemical byproducts.The coral reefs may not be dead today, but if we continue on this path, then there will be no doubt that the misconception that we have now will indeed become a reality. Like Traci said, it is important for be people to have an understanding of what we are doing to the environment and what are potential easy solutions that we could do to slow down this problem that we have created.

    Usamah Ali


  4. Great post, it is important for people to know there is still time to make a difference. Hope is one of the most powerful things people have and gives encouragement to continue pushing forward. I am very glad to read they aren’t dead yet, but I doubt they will be saved in time. I suppose the best thing to know is they can be grown and with luck scientists and interested parties will be able to save them.

    ~Asha Brogan


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