When will the world take notice?

Last week in class when we were watching Leonardo DiCaprio in the documentary “Before the Flood” I opened up my mind into a whole new perspective of global warming.   I always believed global warming was real not a hoax, however I never considered how impactful it is could potentially be in my own lifetime. When the phrase of global warming ever got brought up I thought it would be an issue in the world well past my time. As selfish as that may seem I now view this issue at a different perspective because even if this didn’t affect my life, it certainly will affect the life of my kids, but potentially erase the face of the earth.

DiCaprio has traveled thousands of miles around the face of the earth to dig deeper into the reality of global warming. The whole film intrigued me, but the segment in Greenland caught my attention the most. Greenland is a country that is over 80% covered in ice. The impact of global warming is continually melting the ice away, which is tremendously impacting the countries existence in the future. I don’t enjoy talking politics because of how angry individuals may get, but with Trump about to take office I am concerned about his views on global warming. If Trump is planning on dividing the U.S. from the United Nations plan on global warming our world could see a setback. The U.S. fund the United Nations with a good bulk to provide towards the global warming plan. Mukhopadhvav writes, “According to climate scientists at NASA, sea ice levels have hit record lows both the Antarctic and the Arctic. This may have left the global warming hoax debunked for people like Donald Trump who does not believe in climate change.” This is a concerning issue for those individuals that actually care about the future of humanity, rather than worrying about today and forgetting about tomorrow.

The amount of fossil fuels our world produces into our world’s atmosphere is overwhelming and eventually will cause these serious risks to become reality.

“Our impact reaches from Greenland’s melting ice to south Florida’s coastal flooding. It includes the bad air that sickens us, increasing the likelihood of heart disease and stroke, and which is now implicated in the onset of Alzheimer’s. It’s blamed for the intensification of wildfires across the Western United States and extreme weather around the planet, like the typhoons hitting Taiwan and intense hurricanes crippling Haiti.”

This is a trend that we have continuously seen grow over the past few decades. Now more than ever these scenarios are easier to access information with the growth of technology and social media. However, my biggest question is this, what will it take? What will it take for our society to believe that this is an issue that will affect the world we care so dearly about that gives us life? The reason this hasn’t become a serious issue to some people is because oil and Coal Company’s revenue is billions of dollars. Until, money isn’t the root of all evil our world will never overcome this issue. Hopefully one day a strong enough leaders will emerge, it could even be YOU!

Sources:  http://www.itechpost.com/articles/56451/20161120/global-warming-hoax-debunked-sea-ice-levels-hit-record-low.htm

A Climate of Change: Have We Become OK With Watching Earth Melt?


Ali Danesh


One thought on “When will the world take notice?

  1. I completely agree with you, I am really worried what will happen know that Trump won the presidency. Not only that he’s going backward in our progress in combating climate change, but what the impact will be if he does pull out of our agreements to combat climate change, and how that will impact out international relationships with various countries. It’s terrifying to think about!

    Amanda Hecker


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