Why aren’t we talking about climate change?!?!?

Before the election, during the debates, I noticed a serious lack of discussion on climate change. My question is WHY?

Why aren’t we (as a country) talking about climate change enough, and furthermore, enacting policy changes to combat climate change? As I look deeper into the topic, I realize the relative silence in politics probably stems from the deep divide on the topic between the two major political parties.

On each of the major parties’ websites, it is stated their view on climate change. For the Democratic Party, it is clear that they believe action needs to be taken to combat the effects of climate change. The democrats believe that climate change is threatening the economy, national security, and the health and future of children. They also discuss the need for coexistence of clean energy and a major creation of good-paying jobs. They set specific goals for clean energy sources in the next ten years. They call on farmers to be partners in ensuring a nation invested in conservation and stewardship.

The mere number of times the phrase “climate change” is mentioned on each party’s platform page says something about their stance. Where the phrase is mentioned 25 times on the Democratic Party’s platform, it is only mentioned 7 times in the GOP platform. Their stance is the polar opposite (pun intended) of the democrats. They clearly state that climate change is not a pressing issue, nor should it be priority. They call out the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) for being biased and unreliable. The Republican Party’s platform on the environment mainly focuses on agriculture, uncovering and harvesting all fuel reserves in a cleaner manner, giving control of these resource-rich lands to states, and reversing much of the environmental legislation created by the Obama Administration.

What can we do to ensure the priorities of our country include climate change and its disastrous effects?


– Chelsea Walters



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3 thoughts on “Why aren’t we talking about climate change?!?!?

  1. I agree, this is a way more important issue than almost anything the media decides is worthy of discussing. It truly is a very intricate problem and requires a fairly advanced scientific background to fully understand, most people like to make it simple so it’s understandable, but that;s not exactly how it works, and simplifying it makes it refutable as well, which it is not if you leave it in its unrefined raw form. All that said, the media could certainly be doing a better job of properly educating the public on this matter.
    Dylan Nourse


  2. The sad thing is I really believe, now after seeing Before the Flood, than ever that money is the biggest reason why action on climate change is so rarely mentioned in the political realm. But if you really think about it, businesses that are behind big oil have the most money, so they can dictate what we see in the media.
    How many big oil non profits have you heard of? I can’t think of a single one! But we all know of at least 10 non profits for climate change action and environmental issues. That to me alone shows us that non-profits, which aren’t even advertised on any cable tv channels, just don’t have the money to control what we see like big oil front groups do.
    I think we just have to fill in the gaps as much as we can. Because the NPO’s that have the planets best interests at heart, need people like you and I to speak up for them so they can make any donations go to work instead of advertising.


  3. There is no denying that over all climate change and the effects of human activity and interference on the environment were not a focal discussion with regard to the presidential debates. Now with our new president elect, who knows what will become of these topics and concerns. I agree that the shunting of these concerns is due to oil and coal backed funds, for both parties. It comes down to the people setting the precedence of what issues are important and demanding their attention. Thanks for the great read.

    -Allison Johnson


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