Can We Recover From What We’ve Done? Will We Even Try To?


Climate change is the most heated topics discussed in the political world. Being somewhat hot off the heels of the most controversial presidential election, it seems that people have forgotten about climate change, the thing that was almost never mentioned in any debates, or by either then candidates. Climate change is real. It isn’t a conspiracy made by China or something that is a weird liberal agenda that our president elect has said. It is real, we can see it, we can prove it. Our next president is looking to uncap the amount of coal that can be burned by companies and get out of the environmentally friendly Paris agreement that would have all the countries around the world prevent the global temperature from increasing dramatically. There are crucial in making sure that we as a species can continue to live. But it seems to be going over everyone that there will be other burdens that we will face if we don’t do something now. When we were watch the documentary in class earlier, we saw how Florida had to reorganize its infrastructure so that water wouldn’t flood the streets. These kinds of project require money and the United States is already 15 trillion dollars in debt. We are risking the country economically in a way that would affect us before the doomsday of burning crops or extinguished ecosystems. Obviously there are some things that we cannot fix such as the coral reefs in the ocean which are basically ruined. America needs to be a leader in the world and say that it is time to protect the world. A country like Denmark has done something incredible and shows that going completely green will be beneficial the national economy. But it isn’t good enough. Someone like China or the United States is the giant push or the motivation that the world needs to be able to move into this new direction which would create a completely new field of business, economy, and jobs. A

Now what can we as a society in America do? We know that climate change is something that is a large issue and there are many different views on it as seen in class. The last question I want to ask is what is the harm in trying to prevent climate change? Will there be negative repercussions if we do go in this new direction? I really want to hear everyones opinion.


2 thoughts on “Can We Recover From What We’ve Done? Will We Even Try To?

  1. Many of the aspects of preventing Climate change will be detrimental to people and communities. Things such as eliminating the use of coal, rainforests, extreme use of cars and other major emissions will hurt jobs in all of those fields. It is why people in the US lobby so much for no changes to happen, and until public opinion toward climate change happens and the people decide to help things shift in a democratic nation very little change can happen. This decision to become like Denmark relies on the people taking a stance, as the people of Denmark did.

    ~Asha Brogan


  2. I truly do not think there could be a negative outcome for pursuing the prevention of climate change in the right ways. Alternative fuels are being made that have no impact on the environment, some if not most are even renewable, whereas fracking and burning fossil fuels increases CO2 in the atmosphere, pollutes ground water, and has been found to lead to serious foundation problems. These correlations can be found in many things related to climate change. What I would be most worried about is jobs. But again, with proper planning I think there is a way to create a good transition, and statistics have shown that there are actually more jobs now in the alternative energy industry.

    Halle Van De Hey


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