Tesla and SolarCity Merge?

og-sc-logo    In my last blog, I wrote about Elon Musk and the development of how the Gigafactory can lead to a more sustainable future. Not to long ago, Elon Musk made an important leap for the development of clean energy. He recently acquired a merge with Tesla and a solar energy company called SolarCity. I wasn’t very familiar with what the company was or how it will improve our future, so I wanted to write this final blog to uncover some information for myself, as well as those who also don’t have much of an understanding.

According to their website (link below) SolarCity is, “America’s #1 full-service solar provider.” Makes sense. This is a company that services homeowners and businesses through the distribution of solar energy. They also market to schools, non-profits, and government organizations. Their website also states that their customers, “Include hundreds of thousands of homeowners… and well-known corporate clients, including eBay, HP, Intel…” This is clearly a company that means business, so how have I completely missed it? Well, it was established in 2006, and the technology is still developing. But how is Elon Musk’s involvement with the company going to create a better industry?

Well, it’s even more simple than I thought. Elon Musk merged Tesla with SolarCity for a step towards his ultimate goal of creating a solar-powered car. The lithium ion batteries that are already fueling Tesla vehicles are some of the most advanced technology in moving towards more efficient vehicles, but having a completely solar-powered car could be the future of the company. Not only will the SolarCity merge be a step towards completely sustainable cars, it will also lead to a more sustainable lifestyle. As we learned in class, Elon Musk is pushing for even cheaper solar energy, and has now developed solar shingles that are somewhat cheaper than the average shingle (with some correction in price based on the information given in class). So the take from this blog is that the SolarCity merge with Tesla will work a massive amount of wonders in our future, and it will lead to an even cleaner society.

Andrew Ebding




One thought on “Tesla and SolarCity Merge?

  1. I personally am amazed by alternative energy. I constantly keep tabs on what Elon Musk is up to. He is part of why I decided to major in industrial design. I think their is so much hope in his field and I don’t think there has been enough support to move towards alternative energies. I actually wrote one of my blog posts about this. I watched this documentary last year called the Revenge of the Electric Car, and it completely changes the way I saw fuel, and our future. I would highly recommend it!

    Halle Van De Hey


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