Final Thoughts

This appears to be the last blog of this semester and so I believe a final thought is in order as I am sure Jerry would agree. I will of course reflect upon the course instead of love triangles that become love hexagons but as you see  Jerry focuses on interpersonal communication failures and gives his final thoughts toward moving forward and adds  logic to everyone’s perspectives so through this blog I’d like for it to do the same in regards to the communicative issues between us as consumers and the information presented to us and our class has touched based on this. This class has taught us a lot in regards to our relationships to product demand as consumers. We have learned that this is both a complicated and deceitful relationship usually more focused on making more products seem like a better choice for a quick buck or the deceitful media choosing a third party interest over the health of the general public. So at this point we are being so lied to, cheated on by, and yet swayed by all of these advertisements, false labels, and even by third party corporations that are influences this poor relationship to continue in the name of a profit. As you can see we ended up finding out that we are not in a very healthy relationship and so this kind of revelation of mistrust and battered relationship leaves me feeling maybe we do need his advice to get out of our current deficit mode in science, environmental, and health communication and demand that truth out weigh corporate gain in order to mend our health, environment, and confidence in this relationship. Jerry states that “marriage and other bonds of intended permanence require not putting me first but us first if that isn’t the priority then that isn’t a relationship its merely a long date that ends when you’ve had enough” which parallels the fact that media outlets and nutritional labels shouldn’t be out for the “me” they should be more invested in the “us” or at some point we may decide Jerry is right and call off this long date by changing the priorities of corporations through further oversight of their claims but this misinformation could persist until we all decide to stop paying attention to what these companies say all together. Well with that all being said till next class take care of yourselves and each other.


-Tymandra Amburgy-

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