So this is the end I guess


Reflecting on the past is probably the easiest yet hardest thing to do. Especially when it comes to this class. There were some thing I never knew while some things I knew but never really thought about it. I want to say this class was not some much learning new material but more or less thinking about the world we live in and looking closer at the things that occur in our everyday lives that we don’t think too much about.

One good example from the health module was how much our family influences our beliefs on health. I never really thought about it before, but I do see how it has influenced me. Also I did not realize that only the US and New Zealand had Direct-to-Consumer advertising for medication as I originally thought that was a global thing. Since I was exposed to so much environmental information due to my major, the health module was very interesting just to discuss and think about.

That isn’t to pull away for the environmental module at all. I did know the majority of the information coming in, but the way it was approached and thought about was interesting as it dug deeper into even the most simple message of a company. It perhaps showed me a side of the issue I had not seen too much before.

This was one of the most thought-provoking classes I have taken. I originally just took it for a 2000 level requirement, but I am glad that I took it because of what I learned and now think more critically about.

  • Josh Obermeyer


5 thoughts on “So this is the end I guess

  1. I also think that this class opened up my mind to so many things that I may have been blind to! Each topic in this class was looked at in a different perspective. I knew there were many things going on in other countries, but each one of the things that we had discussed in this class, for example the detrimental stuff going on in India, I was entirely unaware of. I also took this class for a 2000 level requirement, but it turned out to be one of my favorite courses that I have ever taken.
    -Traci Alig


  2. Hey Josh I really enjoyed your post. I agree this class was very thought provoking for sure. I didn’t really realize just how layered each topic could be. Its like an onion in its layers and a web in its correlation. I was also shocked by the things I didn’t realize were even legal for these companies to say in order for a sale. I really liked the end topics (with the environment module being at the end) because like you I knew about a lot already and so I feel like I was more interested in the topic as well. Thanks for the post to respond to and (of course I’m going to do it) Great Job!
    -Tymandra Amburgy-


  3. I completely agree on your reflection of the health module; it’s crazy to see how family effects health communication. I also took this class to meet a requirement, but coming to this class didn’t feel like a requirement to me!

    Mikayla Hounchell


  4. I agree with how family influences our beliefs on health. Until this class, I never really thought about how much my family and even friends have an influence on how i communicate.

    – Tarah Klenk


  5. Spot on. This class really thought us all to really think in depth on what is happening around us. It opened my eyes to so many things that i didnt know about and it scared me at times which i guess is a good thing.

    Edwin Doll


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