The Communication of Health, Science, and Environment

I happened upon this class by chance, and I am so glad that I did. Environmental science was my favorite class in high school, not because I thought I could save the world by recycling, or because it was easy. I loved it in part because it was applicable, just as this class is. We have learned about the worlds perception of health, the support of medication by the media, to the common persons perception of science and scientists, to the unadvertised idea that there is hope for reversing global warming. We have learned how heavy the medias impact on societal beliefs is, and we have discussed how this may be changed.

I took this class at a time when I needed to feel  like I had a purpose, and like my education wasn’t a waste of time or money. I have been able to expand my mind and open it to new ideas and new perspectives by learning about accurate data representing food deserts and fast food restaurant locations compared to economic and racial demographics.

Although we may not have built a class environment that will last in group texts (with the blue message bubbles), I have grown as a person through this class and with my peers. This class may not lead every single one of us to become communication  activists or environmental activists, but it could be that first stepping stone for one of us to begin changing the world in that way. It certainly was a strong stepping stone laid in each of our paths, and it will influence the direction each and every one of us takes for the rest of our lives. I hope everyone enjoyed this class as much as I did, and hopefully you learned as much as I did, particularly if you didn’t expect anything but an easy enough work load.


Halle Van De Hey

5 thoughts on “The Communication of Health, Science, and Environment

  1. I agree and I think that this may have been one of my favorite courses that I have ever taken. It has to do with our every day lives and how we live them, as you said, very applicable. I think that this class has also made me feel that I had my moneys worth, considering some of the other courses I have taken didn’t seem to teach me much. I agree that this class was a great course and is also opened my eyes to many new interesting things. Glad you enjoyed it also!
    -Traci Alig


  2. Hey Halle I really liked the points you made here. I really agree upon the importance of this course. I feel like it really would help a lot of people to take such a course that allows them to freely think about the world while seeing the full scope of interest behind these different facets of our everyday exposure as consumers and residents of this planet overall. It definitely opened my eyes in order to allow me to see many different view points. Thanks for the post tor respond to of course!
    -Tymandra Amburgy-


  3. I’m glad we agree that this class is very personable and applicable to everyday life. I think that was my favorite part about the class–that I could take away what was lectured upon and apply it to my daily life. I also think that this course was extensive in exploring different topics, so it never really got boring for me!

    Mikayla Hounchell


  4. I agree with you, this class is very personable and applicable to everyday life. I am glad I got the opportunity to take it and enjoy the course.


  5. This class was not a class where you studied flash cars or tried to remember vocal terms. It was mostly about changing the way that your think and give make us think differently about the world around us! Like you said hopefully we all us this class as a stepping stone!

    -Tom walters


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