Another semester down

This is my first semester as a Communication major, so it was definitely and eye opener. The last three years at the University I have been an education major, but it did not work out the way I wanted it to, so here I am. I took the course because it was required as an elective and I could say that I have learned a lot from it. The information from the lectures from this class was a little overwhelming at some points, but my favorite section was health, the first section. I have never really thought about how important it is to talk about our own health and your own experience.

Family influences so much on ones self-health and beliefs, that is one thing that I didn’t really take into consideration. Like, some parents will rush their children to the hospital if they are just coughing a lot for example, and with my parents I could literally be coughing up a lung and my parents would say, “we will see how you are feeling tomorrow”. I also noticed, how friends can have an impact on health from their stories and their past that will make someone notice that something could be wrong with oneself.

The structure and content were all enjoyable to me and were all so relatable and eye opening on how realistic things are around us. Which has made me less regrettable on changing my major, and I enjoyed this course.

2 thoughts on “Another semester down

  1. Thats awesome that it made you be confident in changing your major. I agree that it made me also see things in a different light.
    Lauren Reinhard


  2. I believe this course was an eye opener and very beneficial course to take. The material is relatable to every aspect in our lives so I think that is another reason it was so easy for people to want to learn the information. I also enjoyed the first chapter! Very interesting.

    Kelly Woodward


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