As we head into the end of the semester, I cannot help but reflect on my experience in this class. As a DAAP major, I rarely get outside of that building and when I do, it may not be for a class I want to be in. Communicating about health, science and the environment was a class I enjoyed coming to and looked forward to hearing about. The topics that we covered were practical and realistic and were applicable to  my life–which I appreciated.

Taking this class from a non-communications major standpoint, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The structure, the content, the assignments were all enjoyable to me. With that, I have to say that communicating about Health was my favorite topic. I’ve always been interested in health sciences as that was my second choice for a major, but health communication opened a whole new door of though for me. I realized how important it is to (firstly) communicate about our health and (secondly) how important it is to examine the ways in which we are doing so. In order to form good means for health communication, we have to understand ourselves, and the very first week we examined how health communication effects our every day life and what questions it answers. It was helpful to know that health communication answers the question “who am I.” That was a really nice start for me because instantly, I knew that this class was going to be a bit personable.

My greatest fear for this class, when I registered, was that it was going to be way over my head and not relatable for me, but that fear was abolished and I quickly realized that what I learn in this class, I can take to heart and use in my everyday life. This class was really enjoyable and while I learned a lot about health comm, I also developed a stance on climate change which overall, was the greatest victory for me.


Mikayla Hounchell

4 thoughts on “Conclusion

  1. I came into this class as a non-communications major as well, but really enjoyed the class as well. The structure of the course and these blogs that we do I think really helped with solidifying the topics that were covered in class. I also thought the health communication section was really interesting because we talked about a lot of issues that you don’t usually think about. And I’m glad that this class helped you develop a stance on climate change too.

    Jacob Fischer


  2. I as well thought this course was going to be over my head when I registered it and was in it on the first day of classes. But then too changed my mind on it!


  3. I’m also a non-communitcation major, but I really did enjoy coming to this class. I agree, I liked how this class was structured and how it gave me more knowledge as to how we communicate about health, science, and the environment.

    – Tarah Klenk


  4. haha as yet another non Comm major, id have to agree with the lot of you. I was anxious about coming into this class bc since i wasnt majoring in it i thought it would be hard to learn and understand. But in actuality it helped me understand people, the environment and the global scale of ho irrelevant we are. Id totally recommend this class to a buddy.

    Chandler B


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