This course definitely turned out to be more than I had thought it would be. Most of the electives I have taken in the past are just classes that soon become memories, that honestly, I struggle to remember details about in the future. Although, it’s not a surprise that I found it very relatable and interesting to me since this class does appeal to my major, unlike most other electives of mine. From reading about different people’s opinions on blogs, in the class assigned books, and even hearing opinions in class, it was all very eye opening and helpful. I loved that I was able to get a taste of how my peers think about different subjects such as the communication between professionals and regular society in the health or science field, or even with the environment. I’ve never actually been able to have a class where we discuss things I love hearing about in the real world aspect, rather than the typical biology and chemistry that I am used to.

I learned so many things from this course that are apart of everyday life but I just never seemed to notice or think about before, such as greenwashing. I am a shy student that doesn’t particularly enjoy speaking up in class but this class helped me in expressing my thoughts in a different way, through blogs. Being able to talk about things like greenwashing in the blog, and actually being able to comment back to someone (since I’m not very good at doing that in class) has really helped me become more confident in my abilities to talk to other people about these kinds of topics.

Overall, I really enjoyed having this course in my schedule and I would recommend it to others as well. So thank you to my peers, our professor, and our teaching assistant for being so helpful and open minded throughout the semester!

finals-week       finals-week-2


By: Josie Silvey

2 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. I like how you brought up the fact that blogs help you to express your thoughts. I think these blogs really allow us to form our thoughts instead of just blurting things out in class.


  2. I agree, this class ended up being more than just an elective. It was extremely applicable to my everyday life now and moving forward.
    Dylan Nourse


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