Final Blog

Over this past semester I have learned a lot. This was a very different class for me. Even though I am in environmental studies, I still gained knowledge and insight into the environment in a new way. This class has taught me to try to look at things from every perspective and to try to see who is benefiting from different situations. It may seem like this class has made me cynical or at the very least skeptic but the class made me this way for good reasons.

The different sections of this class has showed me all the different ways that people will exploit communities in order to get a profit. The health section showed that a health of a person can be completely determined by the zip code he or she lives in. This could be easily prevented by creating equal health care, fast food zoning laws, or supplemental education in the longer income areas. The science section showed how corporations will exploit peoples’ lack of science literacy in order to give people the idea that climate change science or other research isn’t accurate. The final section of this class showed how corporations will use lack of laws or regulation against pollution or waste disposal as a way to receive as much profit as possible. The movies and videos we watched in the class were very informative as to the topics we learned about.

All of these topics that we went over in class have helped me to see the world through a more questioning lens. I think that this class has been beneficial to me because of that fact. This new insight into the world will follow me throughout my life and help me to see how people and big corporations truly act and think.



4 thoughts on “Final Blog

  1. I really enjoyed your post and it related a lot to mine as well. I am also in scientific studies and this class was a very different approach for me. Glad we had the same kind of experiment!
    Josie Silvey


  2. I liked that you said it made you see the work with more of a question aspect and I agree completely.
    Lauren Reinhard


  3. I definitely agree this class made you look at things for a different perspective.
    -claire greve


  4. I think everyone can agree that if nothing we have been exposed to a different way of thinking, perceiving and interacting with the public, family and the world on topics like health, education and environment. Thanks for your thoughts and insight.

    -Allison Johnson


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