Final Thoughts


As a first year student at the University, I can happily say that I am glad I took this course. Yes, I did take this class due to a course requirement for my psychology major, but taking this course was personally a real eye opener for me. Listening to the lectures and class discussions, watching the short clips and documentaries, reading the novels and commenting on the blogs really helped me understand more in depth on how we communicate certain things in our lives, specifically health, science, and the environment. Learning all the different ways things are communicated throughout our life and what has influence on how we communicate I found very interesting. I wasn’t really aware of how much things outside of our control can really have an impact on how we communicate to others.

I really liked how this class was structured. There was a variety of techniques which all helped me learn better. I personally like when there isn’t a lecture everyday, I liked the variety of watching short clips or full length documentaries, or reading a passage and then further discussing it with one classmate then the entire class. I felt as though the blogs helped with summing up what was discussed in class. Not everyone wrote about the same exact thing, and having people give their opinions on your blog was a nice comment or good constructed criticism. I also liked having the quizzes taken online. They were short and covered some key points in each chapter.

I enjoyed this class and would easily recommend it to someone else. I learned so much from this class from the lectures, videos, and my classmates. I can easily apply the information I learned from here to my other classes or when discussing a topic with someone.

-Tarah Klenk

3 thoughts on “Final Thoughts

  1. I agree with you that I would definitely recommend this course to others, as well as appreciating how the class was structured. I felt that I was always prepared on what would be happening the next class as well as always knowing about assignments!

    Josie Silvey


  2. Agree the blogs really helped take the information we learned in class in apply it to the real world.
    -claire greve


  3. One thing this class taught me was to look at at information harder. To really understand an issue, one sometimes must understand the culture they are from, the scale of poverty and other aspects to correctly asses and conquer a problem. The blogs made it easier for me to find real world trouble and think about it in a way similar to what we learned in class.

    Chandler B


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