Final Thoughts

As this semester comes to an end with this class my only thought that I can think of is that this was by far one of my better classes that I have taken. Before this class I had taken one other communication class and as an environmental study’s major I don’t have to take to many of these classes. With little experience in communication classes I always go into these classes open minded. The last communication class I took defiantly disappointed me because it seemed like the class had no direction. This class however had everything broken down into sections with definitive learning goals set in place. This in my mind made the class much more interesting and it allowed, in my opinion, for us to learn a lot. Not only was there a lot of material that we reviewed but there was a lot of thought provoking subjects that we really went in depth with. From talking about how your environment influences your decisions to how the news media shapes thoughts about our environment. We really as a class went into great detail and thoughts about the world and everything that humans influence and everything that influences humans into certain actions.

Personally though the biggest thing I learned from this class wasn’t the material we covered. The biggest thing I learned from this class was a new way of thinking about problems and how we humans interact in this world. In short terms I learned how to think about things in a broader sense. Everything is influenced by everything and there is no one way of looking at things. This is by far the most influential lesson I learned from this class and it is one that I can take on to other disciplinarians and my future career.

Edwin Doll

4 thoughts on “Final Thoughts

  1. This was my first communication class and I agree with you. I think the core thing we learned was to question things deeper. To not take them at face value and to analyze the problems at the roots. I also like how you said how everything is influenced by everything else. for example, environmental issues can also have impacts on health issues and vice versa. But also like you said there is no one correct way of looking at the problems and there can be infinite amount of views on the subjects we learned in class

    – Tom walters


  2. I enjoyed reading this blog because I liked how you brought up your other communication classes. Along with Tom, this is my first communications class and for me, it was much different than what I had expected!

    Josie Silvey


  3. I agree with you Edwin! This has been one of my favorite communications classes and I actually am a communications major. It really opened up my mind to a lot of things in the world that I did not even realize. I also agree that it was broken up very well by chapter which allowed me to understand the information easier.

    Kelly Woodward


  4. For me this was my first comm class. I agree we really got into some great discussions and thats what loved about this class.
    -claire greve


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