Semester Conclusion

Overall, Communication of health science and the environment has been a fairly positive experience. The knowledge i felt that was taught was practical in a meaningful way. Many things like the structure of consumption and things like recycling, advertisements and information will be able to be used in the future to hopefully aid in turning the worlds crisis’ around. Researching about the world for this class and making the students educate themselves about global problems is a great tactic to creating productive citizens who are well informed and compassionate about the environment and other people as well as their cultures.

My favorite section that we went over was Science. The readings form the book were fascinating for me,learning about the faith based vs the scientific and their methods of thinking was an eye opening lesson; b/c it help me consider how many different types of people in the world  and that they all think unique points of view. Climate change and the state of in the environment came off relevant, and it shed light on humans effect on the natural world.

There are so many great things that one can take from this class. I came into it randomly but it went better than expected and i’m honestly glad I signed up. Ill have to remember to keep my notes when the semesters over.

Chandler B

3 thoughts on “Semester Conclusion

  1. It’s cool to see that your favorite section was science. I went into this class not knowing much about the state of science in the modern american’s life, but seeing the facts and statistics made me realize how americans view science vs religion. It definitely opened my mind as well!

    Mikayla Hounchell


  2. The science section of this course was my favorite part as well. I thought it was interesting to see how little science information gets communicated to the public accurately in today’s society too. I agree that the structure of this course helped us see the bigger picture to a lot of topics and made the material more meaningful.

    Jacob Fischer


  3. I can also take away so much from this class. I took this class for a course requirement for my major. I really didn’t know a whole lot about this class, but I am really happy that I enrolled.

    – Tarah Klenk


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