The Grand Finale

The Great .gif

When I signed up for this course I really wasn’t sure I would be interested, not because the course is called Communicating Health, Science, and the Environment, but because this class was an elective for me. Most of the time electives aren’t the most exciting classes, however this course changed my perspective on how I view certain aspects in life now. I now will focus on the damages I cause towards the environment, as simple as turning lights off in the house when I am not occupying a room or recycling a plastic bottle that I once threw away.

I was actually really impressed by the lectures in this course and also the documentaries we viewed were very informative of global issues. For the most part professors show students videos that are irrelevant or uninteresting to our daily lives. For this course that wasn’t the case one bit, the “Before the Flood” Documentary with Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing focusing on many different characteristics of climate change and global warming. What really fascinated me with this film was that DiCaprio traveled around the world to get perspectives from other countries. The Bhopal disaster documentary also informed me of a tragic event that was caused by U.S. Company Union Carbide pesticide plant. This film was eye opening because it was an event I imagined a majority of students never heard about. So this film particular focused on an environmental issue, but also how the media only reports what they want our public to hear.

While in this course we covered how companies green wash to sell their product, which was very informing because now I can look at advertisements differently. I certainly will be more alert of what companies are in actuality selling. Another topic we covered that I found interesting was the media consolidation lecture. The media tends to change our perception of reality because of how it is controlled by the “Big Six”. I knew about the Big Six, but never realized they controlled 90% of our media. The news industry is so biased it is unbelievable and unfortunate to others around the world who are claimed responsible for something that is fabricated to the extreme.

Lastly, I enjoyed how you structured the class with the combination of getting the class to participate by opening up our minds. Everyone has their own beliefs and views on everything in the world, but you allowed us to express our own opinions to be open minded. I believe it is easier to stay focused when your professor is passionate about the topic they teach, which was quite evident for this course. The way you express your feelings towards the environment is encouraging and should encourage others to at least consider our opinions moving forward. Personally, I have thought about topics of this course outside of class from global warming, media consolidation, and antibiotics in my steak from Outback, quality of food from Chipotle, green washing, and much more. I applaud you for teaching an intriguing course that students can and will implement into their daily lives.

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