what I learned in EVST/Comm 2004 is….


We really covered a lot of material in class this semester. From Health, to science to the environment. I am an environmental studies major, but I still found the health section to be very interesting. I never really thought that deeply about the health of our country. I knew that there were problems that were occurring. But I never thought about why they occur, or who is dealing with these problems. There is probably so much more information about health available. Different types of research, different studies and loads of papers written on the subject. But I feel all that we covered in the class, has given me a great foundation to learn more about this issue and be more aware of the issue in the future. What really struck a chord with me was the fact that in many cities, your Zip code is better at predicting your life expectancy than your genetic code. When you really think about it. This makes total sense. People in the rich neighborhoods have a chance to have better health because they have more time for exercise, they feel safe, they have money to spend on healthy food, and can visit the doctor regularly. While people with fewer resources have a harder time finding time to exercise, have less money to pay for doctor visits and have less access to healthy food. From the science portion of the class, I learned that we really need to focus more on teaching science to our young people. It is an often overlooked subject and as a result, we are falling behind the rest of the world. With so much technology and scientific advancements, it is important that we all understand science and how it impacts our lives. But it seems like nowadays, most people just don’t care about science, and that needs to change. From the environment section. The biggest takeaway that I got from the environment proportion of the class was how much have an impact consumerism has on the environment and us as well. We make so much stuff that destroys the earth, then we just throw it away in 6months and want something new. We work so hard to get all of these items and it has an effect on our happiness because as soon as we get what we want, something better comes out and we want that instead. It is a vicious cycle that we need to break from. Which is why I am trying to not buy anything new and if I really want to get something, I will try to find a used version for a much lower price.


By: Tom Walters


7 thoughts on “what I learned in EVST/Comm 2004 is….

  1. Tom,

    I agree. I have realized throughout this class that changing the minds and routines of older generations is going to be very difficult. To make a better future for our society, we need to reach the young people and teach them now how to take care of themselves, others, and the planet.

    Consumerism of the U.S. stood out to me too, especially now so close to the big gift-giving holidays. I keep thinking about how I don’t need so much stuff and will I really use it to its full extent if I do get it. (My Christmas list has come out to be socks & underwear because of this 😛 ) This class has taught me how important it is to keep talking about these topics because if we don’t, the vicious cycle will continue until we run ourselves into a deeper hole than we are already in.

    Nice post!

    -Chelsea Walters


  2. Like you said in your post I always knew that health was an issue in our country but i had never had it broken down and taught to me the way this class did. It really opened my eyes to how blind i really was about what was going on in our country. Was defiantly a great class that i will remember forever.


  3. I thought the consumerism section of this class was very informative. Its made me think about things before I buy them or throw things away. I think I am fairly good about donating clothes I don’t wear but this class has made me think about throwing other products away or if I could pass it on to someone else.


  4. I thought that studying how people try to influence customers was a super informative section also.
    Lauren Reinhard


  5. Hey! I am in the opposite position – I came into the class interested more in the health portion of material, but was surprisingly intrigued by the environment (and science) section(s). I agree with you about your takeaway from the environmental portion of the class. I had no idea what exactly the impact consumerism had on the environment, and it’s terrifying! This class definitely opened my eyes on a wide gamut of topics.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Amanda Hecker


  6. I agree with Amanda, my main focus was on the health and science aspects to this course, but was taken back by everything we read, discussed and learn in regards to the environment. I personally have identified myself as someone who too easily falls victim to greenwashing advertisements and company PR. I did enjoy what you got from the course and appreciate your insight. Good luck out there! lol.

    -Allison Johnson


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